Women In Business – Top Tips from Helen Reynolds

Helen Reynolds

Allow me to introduce Helen Reynolds, the first in our Women in Business Series. Most weeks I will be giving a shout out to women running their own businesses and asking them to share their top three tips with us. If you’d like to see you own business featured here please read this for more information.

Here is Helen’s story:

I work with female business owners who don’t have the time, the confidence or the know-how to keep their style up-to-date, and yet realise how critical personal brand can be to business success. My typical client is outwardly confident and successful. She runs workshops, training days and speaks on the stage yet she worries that her clothes don’t fully reflect who she is and her success in business. She hates shopping and sticks to uninspiring, safe outfits, those clothes that she feels she “should” be wearing. I work with these ladies on a one to one basis to create clarity around what suits them (and why) and what doesn’t (and why), so that they can start to build up a wardrobe full of outfits that make them feel authentic, comfortable, stylish and up-to-date.

I launched my business in 2009 after leaving my corporate job and having my children. I wanted to be more in control of my working hours. I was a very shy child who always compared herself unfavourably to others and this carried on throughout my teens and even into adulthood. I have always loved to shop but never understood why certain clothes made me feel amazing and confident when others (that everyone else was wearing) made me look boring, or dumpy or just awful!

As part of my image training I got to sit in the chair of the client and learnt all about my colouring, body shape and style and it was LIFE CHANGING! I learnt things about myself that I had never seen or appreciated before. Some of the looks I used to love just don’t love me back and that’s OK. Since my image transformation I feel great every day. I know how to dress for me and for my lifestyle. My confidence has soared, I now speak regularly as part of my business and even run my own workshops and I love it. That shy person has gone. And the best part is that I now get to do this for the wonderful ladies I work with. It’s not about fashion, it’s about recognising those clothes that love you back.

The top three things I have learned

1. Design your business around your lifestyle. I try to work 3 days a week which allows plenty of me-time and friends and family time.
2. Invest in your business. After hiring my first mentor my business changed from a hobby business to a profitable one.
3. Have a red velvet rope policy. Don’t try to work with everybody. I often refer people on to other image consultants who can serve them in the way they need.

If you’d like to contact Helen you can find her on 07773 800168 or via her website  www.helenreynolds.net
And you can see a video of her in action here:

If it doesn’t open for you click here.

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