Is This The New Old Girls’ Network? What Do You Think?

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How do you feel about giving friends a helping hand? I’ve had so much support and friendship since I began my business and I’ve appreciated every single scrap: people retweeting my stuff, telling women about the RenewYou course, generously sharing the blog posts. I’d like to give something back. I’m thinking of starting something akin to the old girl’s network on these pages. But I won’t be calling it that… ;>) Read on and do let me know what you think.

I’m sort of joking with that old girl’s network thing, but you know that whenever I can I like to give a boost to women and their endeavours. I truly think the world will be a much better place when we have as many women as men in positions of influence and power. I think you know by now that I’m not anti helping the men; it’s just that in most arenas of life the old boy’s network seems to be thriving well enough without extra help. I think we can big up the women without doing down the men.

Here’s My Idea

At the end of each working week I’d like to feature a woman who is running her own business and would like a shout out on these pages. The criteria is that the business must be ethical (arms dealers, ‘get rich quick’ or pyramid sellers folk, sorry, I’m excluding you) and have a website where I can invite readers to find out more. We’ll also be asking them to share their top three tips or advice to any woman thinking of going into business.

What I Need From You (aka The Rules)

Please reply to this in the order given as it will make it much easier for us to sift through and make good choices. We’re looking for about 500 words. Thank you.

  • You must nominate yourself . Please also tell friends etc but they must make their own nomination to me. This is not time to hide one’s light under a bushel.

  • Send me an email with heading Woman in Business Nomination.

  • Put your full name & address, tel number, website if you have one, in the email. It’s OK if you’re outside the UK, we have an international readership and welcome diversity.

  • Describe your business in one paragraph. Try to be both succinct and honest. This is about helping everyone.

  • Tell us when you began your business and what prompted you to go into business for yourself. What were you doing beforehand? You get a second paragraph for this! I’m so kind…

  • List the top three things you’ve learned, tips you’ve been given, or advice you want to share.

  • Add a high resolution picture of you, plus a company logo, picture of shop, product etc if you can.

It’d be great if you could share this with all the smart businesswomen you know so we get a real broad range of experience and advice. I plan to publish most Fridays. I have full editorial control (Oh the power!) and will be looking to help and inspire other women. This is genuinely free and I don’t want FIFA type bribes. Neither can I guarantee to put every entry in but I promise they will be read.

I want to get the word out to as many women as possible. Let’s get some debate going for women in business. Let’s support and encourage each other. Women helping women – fan-flipping-tastic! Tell everyone!

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11 Responses to “Is This The New Old Girls’ Network? What Do You Think?”

  1. Eleanor says:

    Hi Jane

    Great idea! Please keep me I’m the loop on developments. I’m about to be made redundant and will be setting myself up on my own after a couple of much deserved months off: Stirling Solutions consultancy.

    I’m not setting up a website/domain name etc until I’ve finished. All is even more full on tying up loose ends and leaving all as neat and tidy as possible.

    Exciting times ahead! I’m going to finally have the time to catch up with friends I’ve neglected. I’ll be in touch after the end of July.

    Lots of love


    PS I’ll share your post on FB

    • Jane says:

      Wow, that sounds wonderful. Well done you. I hope some of the stories here will inspire and help you. Keep us posted and masses of luck (not that you need that) jane

  2. Judy says:

    What a good idea. Sometimes we are so isolated that just reading about women’s successes and businesses gives a renewed determination not to be ground down, that we’re not alone….. good effort and well done.

    Eleanor – all the best for the road ahead

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Jane,

    Fabulous! Love it! What a wonderful idea!

  4. Hi Jane – what’s your deadline please? Would love to get involved.

    Best wishes,

    • Jane says:

      Just send something in as soon as you can. I’d like to feature one every Friday but that’s not always possible. If you’re thinkng of this friday (currently free) it’s Thursday afternoon by 3pm please. Jane

  5. Grand – what’s your email please and I’ll send to that, if that’s ok…
    Best wishes,

  6. Rupinder says:

    Fabulous idea Jane.

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