Three Coaching Questions for You.

We’re in a time of change. Even if you’re not directly affected, you are probably feeling some of the uncertainty that’s in the Zeitgeist. Feelings can be contagious, good or bad.

Three coaching questions for you:-

  • How do you feel at this point in time? Are any feelings of concern or anxiety based on the actual facts of your life, or what you think might happen?
  • Is it within your power to do anything about the situation at the moment, at this point in time? If so, start planning to do it. If not, why are you advance worrying?
  • What is the worst thing that you think might happen? And the best…?

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One Response to “Three Coaching Questions for You.”

  1. Good questions, Jane. I’m surrounded by crabby people this morning and my desire to be left out of their issues is being met with anger. I find that I often take on the weight of the world and yet when I struggle not to, everyone leaves me in the middle.

    I’m thankful that they will go their own way and leave me to work on my own projects where I do have control.

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