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Are you looking for an experienced trainer to run a one day personal development course for women in your organisation? RenewYou is an excellent course in helping you promote equality in your organisation. It’s very time efficient too. Just one day but the effects last much much longer. Check out Corporate RenewYou for more information.

All the specialist trainers listed below have personally been licensed and trained by me to run my successful one day course for women, RenewYou. They are all independent businesswomen so please contact them directly via their links.

They also run courses open to individuals and between them cover much of the UK; ask them for details of one near you or search here for a course or check out the RenewYou page. If you expand the map you will see that we have licensed trainers across the globe and we’re increasing all the time.

You can see all the places in the world where RenewYou is available below, and if you prefer to see a list click here


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