“Jane, I just love receiving your newsletters! They are always interesting and more importantly, helpful and inspirational!”
Amy McIntyre, Chief Executive, Childkind Schools, California, US

“Jane of changingpeople took a group of tired and demotivated people and revitalised them. The difference in them was amazing and I have no hesitation in recommending her. I have attended a changingpeople course myself and found it enormously helpful in planning my career and taking stock.”
Sue Redmond, Assistant Director London Borough of Wandsworth

“I can’t tell you how helpful the newsletters are to me, both at work and in my personal life, and how much I enjoy reading them. You always share some insight into our lives and why we (choose to?) live them the way we do; I always finish them feeling hopeful that I can make at least a few small changes that will help me be a better person, kinder to those around me. So thank you very much. Some day perhaps I’ll be able to travel from my beautiful green state of Oregon in the US and come to one of your seminars.”
Luana Hill, Oregon, USA

Many of the tips and thought processes that you advise actually apply to both genders.  I do find your topics interesting to read and try to apply some and refresh my attitude and positivity after reading.
Paul Simmons, Managing Director, Super Tramp Limited

“Thank you, Jane for helping me find myself and for stopping me from hiding behind anything and anyone. I am now a strong and powerful woman who can do anything I want to put my mind to.”
Christine Harrington, Wiltshire

“(Jane) gives individuals the first step towards empowerment, and therefore the confidence to challenge their surroundings and make a positive difference for themselves”
Louise Hayes, Manager, Local Authority, London

“We all agreed that the day with Jane was a huge success – just the right mix of seriousness and fun”.
Dr Felicity Cooke, Equality and Diversity Team, Cambridge University.

“The course is great and I believe Jane of changingpeople is naturally gifted. I have no regrets whatsoever about coming on this course and I’m looking forward making some big changes soon.”
Veronica Alelade, Greenwich, London

‘You really helped me to identify which path to choose and one that felt right for me’
Dr. Philippa Kindon, Manager, Business West

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