5 Questions to Help You Decide – Are You in the Right Job? 1

We spend a lot of time at work; it has a positive effect on all aspects of our life when we really love what we do, when work is working for us.

It’s also a pain in the proverbial when we are stuck in a job we hate, or that drains us and leaves us dissatisfied and moaning. I know, I’ve been there and it took me a while to get out. (But get out I did and I have never regretted it.)

I work with a lot of women who no longer like what they do but somehow being in a job they don’t like has sapped their confidence, a bit like being in a bad relationship. Not being valued in their current role has given them a tendency to think no one else will want them anymore. Fear keeps them in a role that no longer suits them. Fear of the unknown, fear that they will not be good enough.

Fortunately fear is a feeling and we can manage our feelings. It take practice but we can do it. Over the next few posts I am going to ask you a few questions and share some coaching tips with you. Try to answer them as honestly as possible and if you’re not sure, pay attention to your feelings at work over the next week.

So, these are my 5 career questions for you to consider today:

Do you enjoy at least 75% of your time at work?

Do you have good colleagues, supportive ones, who you are happy to support?

Does you boss acknowledge your contribution?

Are you treated with respect and equality?

Does your job give you opportunities to grow and develop?

This post was prompted by two talented women I’ve had the pleasure to work with who have taken the brave and bold decision to leave unsatisfactory jobs. Jobs where they were undervalued and where a very macho culture predominated. One very quickly found a job she loves and cannot believe how different and more confident she feels, and the other is just at the beginning of her quest but is buoyed by the fact that she has taken back control.

My last post was a very personal one and I have had so many lovely responses from you. Thank you so much. Mum’s funeral was a very celebratory affair and a little bit different, like her. Lovely and a bit different with masses of living pots of bulbs. Thank you. 

If you are a coach or trainer with an interest in women’s personal development, please do check out our licensing scheme.


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