Breaking News: More Women in UK Government, What Are They Wearing?

women in gov 2014

In the UK the prime minister has had a pre election reshuffle of ministers. Realising his record on women in Cabinet was pretty atrocious, and in a direct play to women voters, he made a lot of noise about recruiting more women into his government. In fact, he made 40 new appointments and 10 were women. I make that 25%. There are now 5 women in the Cabinet. 20% of the Cabinet are women.

The press had a field day. Of course the relative merits of the appointees were generally not a topic of discussion, or the fact that women are still woefully under represented, but what a great photo opportunity to discuss their clothes & how they look!

Ridiculous, demeaning, and insulting to the women themselves and to the electorate.

A prime example of our institutionally sexist media and government.

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