Women, Go To Your Room!

Do you get fed up with constantly hearing that the media can’t find enough women to talk with authority? Yeah, me too! Sometimes listening to the news or watching current affairs programmes it feels like equalities legislation has never happened at all, that we’re trapped in a perpetual fifties Britain!

thewowmensroomMost of us just rant on (or blog) about it or tweet vociferously. However, two amazing women have gone a step further and are helping out the media researchers who can’t find enough qualified women by giving them an amazing free resource of expert women!

The two enterprising women are Caroline Criado-Perez and Catherine Smith and their wonderful media resource is The Women’s Room

The Women’s Room is a fast growing data base to which any woman with expertise in any subject can sign up to. Its really easy! They have just relaunched their web site so it’s getting even easier!

Please do support them. Get on the site now and add your area of expertise and tell all your female colleagues and friends about it. The media are looking for all sorts of things so it’s not just about having a mass of qualifications and doctorates. It’s about your real life experiences too.

So come on women, go to your room! The Women’s Room is open!

N.B.They are doing this voluntarily so huge kudos, Caroline and Catherine!

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  1. words from the women of this country need to be heard loud and clear!

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