#In My Gender Equal World

Gender equality is something I’m passionate about; or possibly more accurately women getting a fair deal in society (all societies) without having to behave like men to progress, or having to dress a certain way, or having different criteria and standards applied to them. It’s one of the twitter-bird-white-on-bluereasons I wrote RenewYou and why I finally decided to licence it to other trainers to get it out to get the ‘confidence‘ message to as many women as possible.

I know too that there are a few areas where men feel disadvantaged, i.e. just ask a male midwife, or a stay at home Dad, but by and large it’s women who suffer most discrimination.

What would a truly gender equal society look like? I’d love to know your thoughts so I’ve set up a Twitter hash tag #inmygenderequalworld where I am adding my thoughts as they occur. Some are more light-hearted than others. Some simply reflect my mood at the time:

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#inmygenderequalworld the defence “she was dressed like a slut so…” would be never heard again. What’s in yours?

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Just looked at Observer Sport. Front page male sport, back page male sport. Must be just for men….#Inmygenderequalworld….sighs

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#inmygenderequalworld women would still be reading news etc when they’re as old as John Humphries.

Do share your own ideas, whatever gender you are. What do you think would be some of the changes we’d see in a truly gender equal world?

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