10 Career Tips for Women – Number 9

Number 9 – Stay Curious and Keep Learning

However high you rise, however successful you become, stay curious and interested. Be interested in your business at all levels, in all the people involved in it. If you work in a large corporation be curious about what goes on outwith your immediate domain. The more you know about the running of your Career Success Tipsorganisation the better your ideas and offerings will be. You can do this relatively easily sometimes by walking a message somewhere rather than using email. Picking up the phone is the next best thing. Talk to and connect with the people you interact with and find out what they bring to the job too.

One of the most successful women I worked with made regular forays to the ground floor. She’d spend a day working alongside the shop floor staff literally learning what they did and how they worked. It gave her a greater authority and helped in all areas of her decision making.

Whatever level you are in your field, stay curious and interested: we never know it all and we never stop learning.

As someone who runs her own business I made a resolve to do something each year which either furthered my learning or taught me a new skill for use in the business, and by and large I’ve managed that. Interestingly though, when I was employed, I was much more dismissive of what was on offer and rarely planned my training opportunities.

If you were to do one thing this month to tick the box for tip number 9 what would it be?

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