A Feminist Paradox?

There has been much debate recently about the BBC’s flagship radio news programme Today and whether it is sexist or not, ie very few women appear in it and it has 4 male presenters and only one woman.  As you might have guessed I’ve had a few words to say on the subject too (Do Women Need Role Models?) Questions have even been asked in parliament!

Libby Purvis, a respected and experienced broadcaster wrote about it in the Mail recently. By and large she doesn’t agree with the criticism (although I don’t agree totally with her it’s a good article, click link at end to read it). In brief she says that the Today programme represents the world as it is, more men are in power than women. Implicit is that it’s not the BBC’s role to change attitudes and formulate policy (there’s a thesis waiting to be done on that!)

And therein lies the paradox…..we need more women in power to hear about more women in powerful roles, but the world is ruled by men and until women get into power that won’t change….

Answers on a postcard please, or simply use the comments box below.

Click here to read Libby’s article.


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2 Responses to “A Feminist Paradox?”

  1. Jane – this sits nicely in the category of women who are sitting at the table not being prepared to raise a hand to give other women a lift up!

    The BBC is paid for by the tax payer and as such should represent government policy! There are many excellent female journalists – other channels seem to find them. Maybe time to vote with your remote.

    • Jane says:

      I think BBC Newsnight often gets it right which shows it can be done. Libby’s point about having phone numbers to hand is most telling I think. Basically, do what you’ve always done, go with who you know. Aka, the old boy’s network? Am in discussion with Funny Woman founder, Lynne Parker for a future interview. You should hear her on subject of female stand ups. very hard to get a look in.

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