Why David Cameron Just Doesn’t Get It!

Oh dear! The leader of the Tory party in the UK and the current prime minister of Great Britain, wants to appoint a female special advisor to cast an eye over Government initiatives and to ensure policies are women friendly.

Yes, that’s right. The UK  government feels the need to bring in a woman to check over policies so that they will win women’s votes in the next election. Whoops, sorry, I meant obviously he wants to make sure he is representing all the population. That’s at least 50% of us that need a special advisor.

I almost don’t know where to start, and I don’t even want to dignify such patronising nonsense with a considered response. But one piece of advice, David. This is 2011. Appoint some women into government.

And don’t ever tell me to “Calm Down Dear!”


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14 Responses to “Why David Cameron Just Doesn’t Get It!”

  1. FayC says:

    Ha! Good point, totally agree. Its endemic of a lot of business that there aren’t a proportionate amount of women in the senior positions. Lots of excuses why, but that doesn’t make it right.

    I applaud you!

  2. june Shapter says:

    We are (supposedly) living in an age of enlightenment. Pity that doesn’t seem to extend quite this far! In terms of a Yin/Yang balance, male & female energies are absolutely equal but bring different (but equally vital) qualities to the table, that difference needs to be recognised, acknowledged and celebrated. That’s when we’ll start playing to, supporting & developing our strengths as individuals who have the capacity to contribute our own unique but true value.

    • Jane says:

      Agreed. We need both genders to be valued for what they uniquely bring, not this patronising nonsense. To use a football (hockey?) metaphor, ‘own goal’ for Cameron!

  3. Alison Wren says:

    I would like to leave a witty, intelligent comment but all I can think is “aaarrgghhhh”. Have we really made so little progress?

  4. Alix McKenzie says:

    He is so clueless – and totally unaware that a lot of his current initiatives are hitting women hardest.

  5. John Woods says:

    I think you’re being a little harsh, I am sure he had the best of intentions. I think it is reasonable compensation for a lack of Cameron Chicks in the cabinet.

    • Jane says:

      For the benefit of other readers I think I should point out this is my little brother-still in training! My brother in law in Norway also emailed me to say how “cute you are when angry”. Sigh….poor fools think they are funny.;) David would probably give them a job. He has a vacancy for a woman’s advisor, chaps!

  6. …and yet – … we live in strange time. In principle I agree, it seems like madness. However, we are in fact not heard – and their is screaming in our silence. I experience it everyday, talking to women who want more than what they have. And having an advocate, a spokesperson can sometimes shift a assumed perception. Like children – they need someone to speak for them; a voice that supports and allows them the ‘right to self’. What I mean is, that maybe, just maybe a woman being given ‘the platform’ to really genuinely support and hear what women want may actually make changes that mean something – instead of the usual rhetoric that is spouted. I am tempted to apply for the job :0) – although does a music degree and a Masters in the theatre, celebrating women’s bodies on stage and what we choose to show, remain hidden, keep silent and shout. Enough of this… gentle wishes, Belinda

    • Jane says:

      Hi Belinda, and thanks for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment 🙂
      I see where you’re going but can’t agree with you. Yes, ‘like children’, but the fact is women aren’t children. We’re adults. We’re over half the population and the fact that the government feels it needs to ‘understand us more’ speaks volumes about the relative status of women. I’d rather the energy was directed to making Britain more gender equal and they could start with the very male model of politics we have.
      Many thanks for giving us a different view!

  7. june Shapter says:

    Yes Jane, I absolutely agree that we have a ‘male model of politics’, and it’s exactly that bias which needs challenging. My concern is that in order for women to get any sort of foothold in this kind of political arena,they have to move so far into the male(yang) energy to be taken seriously & function from their ‘thinking’ that they play a similarly masculine ‘game’. I’m not suggesting that women can’t think, obviously, but what’s needed to redress the balance is the bringing in of a more feminine(yin) energy, the essence of which is ‘feeling’. And no, that does not make women irrational at all, nor do I believe that men can’t feel. This is not a gender issue, it’s a much bigger ‘energetic’ principle. Unless a ‘womens’ champion’ is invited, encouraged & supported in bringing her best feminine self into influencing political strategy, I cannot see much changing. Recruiting a ‘woman’ to continue to do a ‘man’s’ job is patronising & the worst kind of disempowering tokenism in my view.

  8. Emma Ferrier says:

    I wonder the following: is this an admission on the subject of “do any men ever ‘just get it'” in terms of a woman’s point of view?! Many of my friends spend a certain amount of their time trying to make their boyfriends/brothers/husbands/fathers see where they are coming from and why. Just maybe we should be applauding Cameron for taking the bull by the horns, and actually trying harder than anyone else…?! It would be far better if he just had more women in his cabinet…!! On the other hand, maybe we should watch until there are genuine signs that the special advisor’s advising is starting to have some effect in his attitude and politics. Hmmm, I wonder if he has invited SamCam to apply for the role and whether she has already turned it down?!! The very thought of it all is slightly laughable, you’re right!

    • Jane says:

      I’m talking about this later tonight on Talk Radio Europe or similar. I wish I could believe that he really wanted to get it right but suspect he really wants to get women’s votes, which he is losing fast. It seems women have largely kept the Tories in power and they are losing a lot of this core vote. Latest government stats show women are faring much worse than men re job losses Link
      So where would he begin to measure a new advisor’s effectiveness? Fascinating!

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