First You Wobble, Then You Walk Tall!

There are loads of things, millions of things, gadzillions of things that once you couldn’t do.

And then you had a go at them, like walking, writing,  talking, swimming, riding a bike, starting school, making friends. Add your own.

At first you were wobbly. You had to practise. You needed a bit of help and support.

And then you became proficient.

And you grew your confidence and so you tried something else.

It’s no different now. You have to go through the wobbly stage to walk tall, in your career and your life. You may need a bit of support from time to time, so ask for it. It’s only a bit of wobbling, so go on, really push yourself and grow taller today!
Photo Credit: Simona Balint


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One Response to “First You Wobble, Then You Walk Tall!”

  1. FayC says:

    So true, love the picture painted! Will remember that when I go back to work after 3 months off

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