The No Diet (do something different) Diet Book

I am about to embark upon an experiment and if you’d like to join me I’d love to have you along!

I know so many women who are worried about their weight. I’m most definitely not a diet consultant, and I’ve given up dieting, having finally realised that they never work and you always pile on the weight again! But the topic of weight usually emerges in any informal conversation between women at some point. And for many it is a cause of unhappiness.

The No Diet Book?

So I am fascinated by a book I have stumbled upon which claims that changing your habits can help you reach your ideal weight without ever thinking about food or starving yourself!

Usually I’d consign anything making such claims straight to my ‘nice, but deluded‘ bin. But this one is co written by some pretty respected people (Professor Ben Fletcher, Dr Karen Pine, & Dr Danny Penman). I have already reviewed ‘Sheconomicsco-authored by Dr Karen Pine and found it to be full of sound good sense, so I actually bought this book out of curiosity to see what they have to say.

The book is called ‘The No Diet (do something different) Diet Book’ and is based on the premise that by actually doing different things, increasing your flexibility and attitudes towards life, you will actually settle at your optimum weight. Strong stuff! Yet, I sign up to much of what they say and use many of the techniques when working one to one or in my courses to help people make positive life changes. Hmm…

I am halfway through reading the book and not a mention of banned foods or exercise! It’s chock full of some really interesting facts and lots of accessible science.


Now in all honesty, I can’t tell you whether this book is good bad or indifferent, as I haven’t followed the advice. But I am intrigued enough to try. It contains some straightforward instructions to follow so for once, instead of dispensing the advice, I’m going to try taking it. And I’ll blog most week ends on my progress. For example:

Step 4 – Go for a 15 minute walk. Think about your life and what you want from it.

That’s exactly what I recommend on my courses. In fact, if the weather is fine I encourage participants to go and do just that! The authors have a whole month worth of habit changing tasks to try which they claim will help you change your behaviour around eating:

“To cut a long story short, the results of our research at the University of Hertfordshire boiled down to this: you are overweight because you’re trapped inside a web of habits that prevent you from losing weight permanently. It doesn’t matter how determined you are to lose weight, if you don’t overcome the habits that keep you fat, you will remain forever overweight. Break these habits however, and you will effortlessly lose weight”

The authors recommend trying this out with a friend so you encourage and support each other. If you’d like to try this out with me, you can get the book from most large bookshops, or they’ll order it for you (ISBN is 0 75287-400-4, publisher is Orion) or get it direct via Amazon

And look out for the updates!


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16 Responses to “The No Diet (do something different) Diet Book”

  1. This sounds excellent, Jane. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Anything with this wonderfully positive approach of actually doing different things, increasing your flexibility and attitudes towards life, has got to have a head start! Gee

  2. Karen Pine says:

    Jane – delighted to hear you’re going with The No Diet Diet. We’ve had some wonderful success stories from people who’ve tried it and had an awakening – i.e. that small lifestyle changes make weight loss easier and more long-lasting.
    By the way we’ve also found that Do Something Different works with smoking-cessation too – I guess you’re not a smoker – but it’s based on the same principles of not being slaves to all sorts of habits, being conscious and making choices. Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different is published by Hay House in March 2011.

    • Jane says:

      No, you’re right Karen. I don’t have a smoking habit but I do have a ‘feeding habit’, particularly when feeling under stress. I’m really looking forward to doing what I’m told (for a change I hear my other half cry!). Do keep in touch. I am hoping several others will join in and keep you informed of their progress!

  3. Karen Pine says:

    Behavioural flexibility is good for us whatever our goal is (stress/weight/smoking). With the Do Something Different approach we try to increase a person’s behavioural repertoire. That way they’re able to cope with whatever life throws at them without resorting to habitual comforts.
    I also tweet a Do Something Different task from the DSD journal every day, just following those can be a lot of fun!(@DSDjournal)
    (today was a No Moaning Day and I really had to stop myself when wanting to whinge about work-stuff and be positive, it made for a much nicer day in the end though!)

  4. Siân says:

    Jane – perfect timing for me. I’m with you all the way on this. Thank you so much.

  5. Elizabeth Sanderson says:

    Jane. This may be a revelation for some people, in fact most and it has taken me many years to realise the smae thing. “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” is a brilliant way to describe that you need to change your mindset to get a desired result, whether for wieght loss or anything else. I would like to share something with you. In January this year I made a conscious decision that I was to be more healthy and feel more energetic and to do that I also needed to feel good about myself. So, I change the way I live my life, and my husband did toot, so we stopped drinking alcohol and changed our diet and this gave us more energy to continue living a different life. We were very strict for several weeks until it became a habit and now we do everything in moderation. We have both lost several kilos in weight, we have more energy and we still go out and enjoy ourselves. Not a diet book in sight. Just changing our attitude to what we did. I hope that you and your followers enjoy the changes they will make and I ams ure if weight loss is their goal then it can easily be achieved through making just a few changes in their life and not concnetrate on “dieting”. Good Luck everyone.

  6. Finally a realistic and sensible way to approach weight loss! I have always contended that “diets” that make me think about food all the time are destined for failure. Attending Weight Watchers meetings always sent me straight out for food after because all they talked about was what they could and could not eat. I can’t wait to get a copy of the book you suggest. I also had great luck with Martha Beck’s, The Four Day Win which I talk about a bit in my blog. Her approach attacks our thinking as well, not what food we eat. Thanks Jane, I may join you once I get my hands on a copy of the book.

  7. Jim Connolly says:

    Hi Jane. Someone once told me the problem with diets, was those first three letters.

    Thanks 😉

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