In Gratitude

When I first ventured out into the world of  self employment (many years ago now) from the relatively safe haven of NHS/local government, I had a hazy kind of  idea  that the world of business would be full of sharks and charlatans, just waiting to trip me up and capitalise on my ignorance!

I am very happy to admit that I was wrong, very wrong. Instead I have been blessed to have worked with some amazing people, people who are generous, caring and thoughtful and to whom I am very grateful.

Personal Challenges

On the personal front I’ve had a ‘challenging’ year; (professionally it’s been all good, thankfully, or I may have gone bonkers!) On my birthday at the end of October I invited some of my dearest friends and family to share it with me, and to thank them for the support and love they had shown me throughout the year.

However, there have been many of my professional colleagues, most of whom I have never actually met, who have also offered me great support and friendship. As the year draws to a close, I’d like to thank them publicly for their help and many kindnesses in 2010, and also introduce them to you.

Unsurprisingly, most are women, but a couple of special chaps get a mention too!

Supportive Women

First, thanks to all my inspirational women who, as well as inspiring me, have freely given of their time and advice, put up with editing and additional questions and badgering for photos etc!  All of them have been wonderful, but if I may I’d like to give special mention to Sarah Beeny and Maggie Philbin. They are both women with busy and successful careers in the media and I rather expected my request for interviews to be turned down. I was wrong again! Maggie and Sarah were charming, gracious, incredibly helpful and kind. My thanks to them and I wish them much success in 2011.

American Supporters

Across the Atlantic I have some rather special friends too. Yana Berlin is the person behind, a social networking site for women over 40. Her encouragement and enthusiasm is boundless and she has been a real friend in promoting my book to her readership, and generally being a good mate. We did actually get to meet, albeit fleetingly, in a London hotel and her energy is most impressive! More power to your elbow, Yana!

And while on the subject of the book, another as yet unmet American friend has been exceedingly generous in that respect. Julie Walraven epitomises American generosity of spirit and I recommend her to you! She runs Design Resumes and I am sure her clients love her! She is always ready to do a good turn if she can and a great ambassador for her country. I salute you, Julie!

Back this side of the ocean, Sarah Pennells has been a great source of advice and inspiration. I have actually met Sarah, at the Everywoman conference last month and she was every bit as delightful in person as in Twitter land. She dispenses great financial advice to women through her company Savvy Woman and she has given me some helpful insights on several occasions. Thanks Sarah! She’s also one of my Inspirational Women.


Twitter is a strange phenomenon but I have learned that it is possible to make good relationships. Among the many on twitter who have been incredibly kind and supportive re my professional life are:

The successful novelist  Sara Sheridan – do read her books, wonderful stuff, and who has been most generous with her time. Sara, you are great and I wish I could write like you!

An amazing business woman, Hannah Coleman who runs Dreamwalls, a wall business…yes, I did say walls! Thanks, Hannah!

Ann Lewis, a coach on the Isle of Wight who is quite simply a good woman. Thanks Ann, for all the support.

Dorothy Sanders, is another American friend who is dedicated to the cause of empowering women over 50 ( a topic close to my heart) and has also been very generous to me this year. Thank you!

There are many others but I know they would not wish to be named here so to them my thanks.

Thanks to You!

And finally, my sincere thanks to all of you. So many of you have made contact with me, either through the blog, the newsletter, or in person at events. I truly love to hear from you; it makes the world seem a very small place. And when you tell me that something I have written helps you, or that attending one of my courses has helped change your life for the better, I am both humbled and thrilled. Thank you.

I wish you all success. I wish you good health, and joy in your life. And thank you again for your support.




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5 Responses to “In Gratitude”

  1. Ed Han says:

    Jane, it feels like forever since I was online at the same time as you–which is why I haven’t commented in a while!

    I think it’s really important to take stock at year’s end. And while I only know Julie of the several who’ve had the privilege of knowing you so well, it’s a wonderful blessing to have encountered both of you.

  2. What an honor, Jane… and so sweet of you to mention me. The joy I have experienced in meeting you and chatting with you on Twitter and on Skype is a joy I want to keep repeating. A chance request for your input when I was deciding about Jim for my business has created a wonderful friendship. And – the recommendation was spot on! As I begin my second year with Jim shortly, I know those blessings will continue.

    • Jane, says:

      I am really glad to have been of service Julie! To your continued success in 2011!
      And thanks James. I am continuing to put into practice all your words of wisdom!

  3. Jim Connolly says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jane. Though it’s some time since we worked together, it’s great to see how well you are doing.

    here’s to an even better 2011!!

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