Coaching: One to One

I work directly with a very small number of people and offer an exclusive, entirely confidential, and bespoke service.

Very few of us get through life without a bit of help from time to time. Sometimes that’s our friends or family, sometimes it’s a mentor at work and sometimes you simply need neutral, objective, and professional help, someone with only your best interests at heart. I’ve been coaching women for a long time and have masses of experience. Your unique challenges and opportunities are just that, unique.

I’ve worked with several well known individuals including politicians, the entertainment and media world as well as senior women in industry. My service is designed around you and your particular requirements. No funny acronyms, no gimmicks, no standard format trotted out for every client. It’s all about you. And total confidentiality is assured.


In all honesty, I dislike the term coach; there are a lot of coaches out there and anyone can use the term. Coaching is still a totally unregulated field so you need to ask lots of questions about experience and the rigour of any qualifications. It is with some reluctance that I use the term but ‘working with women to substantially increase the quality of their lives, professionally and personally’ is a bit long.

And You?

You may be here because you have reached a bit of a critical impasse, a turning point where professional personal consultancy will help. And sometimes, when we hit these critical life points, our confidence takes a bit of a nose dive. Just as at work, it can save a lot of time to bring in a specialist who has only your best interests at heart.

We can work together for one session or many; it’s up to you and your individual circumstances. You’re not tied in any way.

As well as my professional qualifications I have the experience of having turned my own life around, in my late 40s as it happens (age is no bar to serious life changes – in fact, you get so much better at it). I was unhappy with my life in management but really couldn’t work out what I wanted instead. It felt like something was there, just out of my vision, but it was hard to grab. In my case running my own show was the answer but for you it may be completely different. You may decide to go for the top and get that seat on the board, front that prime-time show, change the course of your career, even to opt out of the career trajectory altogether. Or it may be that relationship issues, professional or personal are holding you in suspended animation, making it difficult to move ahead. My sessions are scheduled for up to 2 hours at a time so you never feel rushed or have to clock watch.

Magic Answers?

I can help you. I don’t have ‘magic answers’ – there aren’t any. I don’t talk in jargon, pyscho-babble, promote the latest big craze, or promise you instant riches and fame. I am straight forward and down to earth, with masses of experience backed up by qualifications and training. I use tried and tested techniques which I know REALLY work and I leave role play for budding actors. You may choose one to one personal consultancy with me, or my RenewYou course may suit you better, or even both. Or you may want to think about becoming part of my expert group of RenewYou licensed trainers. You can talk to me in complete confidence.

Whatever route you choose, if you are feeling stuck, do something. Life is too short to waste a single precious minute.

Find Out More

To find out how I could help you, drop me an email marked ‘Coaching Confidential’, letting me know your name (first name will be sufficient), which country you are located in, and a very brief idea of what you’d like to use coaching for. We can work together wherever you are at times to suit your busy lifestyle. Over the years I’ve worked with women from many different backgrounds, in different countries, high profile career flying women, to new Mums, to the newly single. And of course, always in total confidence.

One woman has given me permission to share this quote with you. Her name is Penni Brown and she is a tower house of energy and talent. After our time working together she went on to become CEO of her organisation:

Before I started working with you, I had all the skills required, but I just didn’t have the confidence to go for the top job. You helped me find it“.


“Jane’s ideas are well-researched and helpful, her coaching style is natural and effective, her events are well run and empowering and her website and blog are welcoming and thought-provoking. I recommend her wholeheartedly: if you feel like you might not be getting the best out of your career, contact Jane asap and I guarantee she will help you fix it.”

More on my views on coaching can be found here.

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