Lack of Confidence Stops Women Getting to the Top…?

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Almost any study you read will say at some point that women lack confidence and cite it as one of the reasons why we don’t progress further into senior management.

There are lots of reasons why we don’t progress. This is the main one:

It’s hard to feel confident at work when everything you bring to the table as a woman is subtly, subconsciously viewed as second best, by both genders often, because you’re not a chap, and because you bear children. Men designed our business world and they made the rules. Many organisations still (unconsciously-biased or otherwise) reward male type behaviour, whatever gender it comes from.

It’s hard to be confident in your ability when you’re not comfortable in your skin. The good news is lots of forward thinking organisations recognise that what women bring is of value, and improves the bottom line; they are taking steps to address this inherent bias and one day soon (I live in hope) this will be a very redundant post. Until then, keep on keeping on and remember, it’s not you, it’s them!

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