When Work isn’t Working. Only £3.99

“I recommend this book to any woman who is feeling stuck at work or wondering how to move things on – it really makes you think AND take action!”


  • Are you fed up with your job but just don’t know what you want to do instead?
  • Do you think you’d better hang onto it because any job is better than no job?
  • Have you lost enthusiasm for your job and zest for life and feel a bit deskilled?

If that sounds familiar I’ve written this book for you. If you find yourself saying every morning “I hate my job” then you need to do something – fast! Don’t let your job ruin your whole life. Yes, I know it’s a tricky time but… There are things you could be doing right now to make your future look brighter and many of them are in this book.

Dare to dream again only this time, with my help, you can start to make the dream a reality.

When Work isn’t Working will help you work out what is missing from your working life and then give you ideas and inspiration to help you go find it! You really can have a job when work isn’t like working at all. I know, because I have done it!

Here’s what one reader, Tamara Williams from Jamaica, had to say about it:

“I love the conversational tone for the book, it makes reading it very interesting. I also like the reader-oriented approach so readers know it’s all about their needs and taking their time to read it without feeling like they have another chore to complete.
The coloured sticky notes with the key point are a great touch. Usually when I speed scroll I just look for those to keep me focused.
The real life stories are inspirational. To read about other facing health issues, or staring out in one field and switching to a career they love motivates the reader to compare the similarities and aim for their dream career.”

It isn’t a magic cure all, you know they don’t exist. I don’t make mad promises. It’s a practical, down-to-earth guide to get you started on creating your perfect working life. It’s an easy read full of creative and practical exercises which you can dip in and out of as you wish. It really will help you identify exactly what you want from work, and how to go about developing the skills and attitude you need to get your ideal job.

Guaranteed refund offer: I’ve had so many women tell me how helpful they found the book that I’m confident enough to offer you your money back if it doesn’t do anything for you! £3.99 or $5.99 for your instant download

This works whatever stage you’re at. You may be working part time or full time. You may have recently changed jobs, returned to work following a break. Or even looking at starting your own business and becoming your own boss. This is for you.

It contains short exercises, designed to help you think. We have some great stories from women who have turned their lives around. They will inspire you to take back control of your career and your life. It’s like having your own personal coach to hand whenever you want. At a time you want.

You can do as much or as little as you choose. I know you’re busy so it’s designed to be dipped into.  For the same price as sitting with a friend in a coffee shop, eating doughnuts and grumbling about work, you can begin to do something about it. The download version can be in your in box in just a few clicks

If you already know this is for you, buy it right now. Or read on for more details!

When Work isn’t Working’ is a guide to a great work life. 

The book will help you:

  • Identify what truly motivates you and create a vision board to keep you on track
  • Understand the patterns that are holding you back and take action to get unstuck
  • Discover what your ideal job looks like and take steps towards making it happen
  • Break through your limiting beliefs and banish the blocks to your success
  • Take control of your career – and your life – and plan for your future. It’s never too late to make a change!

“Your book remains on my coffee table and every now and then I dip into it for an inspirational read, so thanks again.”
Jackie Rainbow

I turned to this book whenever I felt anxious about the uncertainty of redundancy and need to pick myself up.” Lesley Crawford

“I recommend this book to any woman who is feeling stuck or wondering how to move things on – it really makes you think AND take action!” Kim Holmes

(Plus, you can listen to my free audio download and immediately start to imagine Your Perfect Working Day . It’ll get you in a great frame of mind to think about what YOU want from life!)

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