Exciting Opportunity to Become a Changing People Trainer

Hello! I’m glad you clicked through because I have something very exciting to share with you.

I’ve been working in the field of personal development and change for most of my adult life. For the last 13 years I have been running and growing my own business, Changing People. My huge passion, my ‘magnificent obsession’ is empowering women to have the self confidence and belief to fulfil their potential, to live life to the maximum. I now do it through my blog, through one to one coaching, and through my specially developed courses.

A few years back, literally in response to public demand, I began licensing my one day women’s personal development course, RenewYou, to trainers. I began with 7 women in Bristol, UK. I waited to see if it worked. Six months later I added a few more, and then a few more until at last count we had 80 trainers worldwide, all licensed to run RenewYou if they choose to (not all have, but that’s their prerogative). From Bangkok to Birmingham we truly have a global network. We’ve put the licensing course on line so women can access it anywhere in the world, hence trainers in France, Ireland, Belgium, US, South Africa and so on.

However, I have only accepted applications from experienced trainers, women who have been doing this type of work for some time and had established networks where they could market RenewYou and make it a profitable part of their business.

Up until now…

I hate turning women away who want to be part of RenewYou but I have done so frequently, because I never ‘taught’ the training aspect and I didn’t want women to waste their money.

Well, a lot has changed in the last three years and we have gained a lot of experience of what works and what doesn’t. And we’re changing the model! We’re not called Changing People for nothing…

I get a lot of requests to become RenewYou specialists from women who have a passion for this kind of work. They are clever, articulate and professional but they don’t have any experience in this field. They have masses of life experience and plenty of skills and attributes to share but they have not been professional communicators in the sense of formally facilitating life change in others. They have been young Mums looking for something to fit in around raising a family, professional women who have had a career break and are looking to go back to work but don’t want their old jobs, or older women who have reached a comfortable stage in life where they’d like to work in something that ‘feeds their soul’ and where they have an element of control. And to all these wonderful women I have said no, because it wasn’t what I was offering.

That is all about to change, and you can be part of this exciting change with us! Later this year we will be holding the very first Changing People trainers course where we will work with you to become RenewYou specialists, and more! We will take that life experience and wisdom and help you turn it into a new career of becoming a Changing people RenewYou specialist.

We’re still developing the content and it will inevitably be dynamic and adapt to the group; however the core will remain the same.  It will be life enhancing and confidence boosting. You will leave with a sure sense of what you bring, how to deliver it, and, all being well as I’m sure it will be, certified as a RenewYou specialist. You’ll leave with all the things detailed here, and more!

Plus, you’ll receive advice and support throughout your time as a RenewYou specialist as well as having the option to do additional training.

Because you’ll be a Changing People specialist as well as a RenewYou trainer.

If you’d like to be part of the every first group of women to experience this then please give me a call or email me. Head your email Changing People Specialist. This will not commit you to anything at all.

If you’d like to experience a Changing People course I’m personally running Speak Up in London this May. Come along. If you subsequently decide to sign up I’ll give you a 20% discount off the fee.




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