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I publish articles on my site about once, or sometimes twice, a week on my passion – women thriving. I am a huge advocate of gender equality in the workplace (and the world at large.) My first blog post went live in August 2008. It was an interview with Jo Bertinet who runs a successful business with her more well known baker husband, Richard. I still feature interviews with women I think will inspire you, like this one with Dame Jenni Murray  of BBC’s Woman’s Hour. (I love her!) You can see all the blog posts here.
Occasionally I go slightly off piste and talk about something topical in the media, but it’s always about women. Sign up to get the blog posts and you’ll see the posts in your in-box usually on a Tuesday or a Friday, work permitting. My goal is to give you interesting, informative, useful, and above all inspiring bite size nuggets. All to help you be the best you can be!
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P.S The photo above is of women in South Africa who had just completed their RenewYou course. It makes me smile so much so I hope it does you, too!

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