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If you’ve ever had a successful coaching experience you know how helpful it can be. If you haven’t, you’re probably feeling a bit ambivalent, or maybe nervous about it. Coaching is not therapy, but done correctly it is very helpful. A good coach will help you discover what is within you, bring out your best qualities, and help you make a success of whatever it is you are using coaching for.

More and more organisations are recognising the many benefits of coaching at work in getting best performance and developing their employees. Coaching benefits everybody, whatever level you are at. (I have it myself from time to time, and it always gives me a better perspective on where I am going, and how I know when I’ll get there. It’s like a quick reboot.)

I work directly with a very small number of women each year, usually helping them to develop their careers but sometimes on more personal issues. My style is relaxed and informal and centred upon you and what you need. I am not signed up to any school nor do I follow a set pattern. You are unique, and my response to you is unique, too. Everything is entirely confidential. Please email me if this is something you are interested in finding out about. We will always have a no obligation conversation together before you commit to anything. I have to be the right woman for you and if I think I’m not, I’ll tell you honestly. (You can read more about my background and qualifications here.)

Comments on Jane’s Coaching

Name: Hilly Janes
Role: Author, journalist, events chair of Women in Journalism

Jane Woods of Changing People led a seminar in the summer of 2015 for Women in Journalism, the leading training, networking and campaigning organisation, chaired by Eleanor Mills, editorial director of the Sunday Times. It was a mixed group of 50 senior and more junior journalists from a variety of publications. Jane shared her considerable expertise on building confidence in the workplace in a friendly and professional manner, and was very well received. She has a love of her subject, which shone through, and her extensive experience makes her very well informed.

She also took ad hoc questions from the floor and was able to ‘coach’ women on the spot. The feedback has been very positive with at least two of the ‘coached’ women reporting that following Jane’s advice had given them a real advantage at work in dealing with pitching to their editors, and being heard.

Name: Clare Bottle
Post: Associate Director Supply Chain
Company: Coca Cola Enterprises

“A few years ago I took part in one of your Renew You workshops and it helped me to define my personal objectives, both for life in general as well as in my career.  I chose your course because your website showed a human and caring approach, with the back-up of robust and widely-recognised research, which gives you a level of credibility sometimes missing from other, apparently similar, options for women in business.

After the course, I invested in professional coaching for myself and found your style really effective.  You are the epitome of what a coach should be: a powerful yet sensitive communicator, often questioning, but never instructing.  And you have gained my trust to the extent that I can share things very openly, which creates more opportunities for me to develop.

Now that I work at Coca-Cola Enterprises, I have asked you to coach me again.  The Supply Chain part of our business is quite male dominated (13% women) and I have valued your experience and support to navigate some of the challenges that poses for me as one of its female Associate Directors.

Coaching Fees

I allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for my coaching sessions. One hour is rarely long enough and allowing for two gives us plenty of time with no rushing on either side. Occasionally, if circumstances demand we can split one session into two shorter ones. Everyone is unique.

My fee structure is very simple and transparent:

£250 for our session of two hours. This also includes our preliminary discussion around your particular coaching requirements. I’ll email you more information and thoughts/exercises after our session, plus a summary of what we have discussed with your action plan.

After that you book as you need them at £150 for each 90 minute session. If you prefer to book several in advance there is a discounted rate, please ask me.

You are not tied in to any contract and you do not need to pay for several sessions in advance. I know from experience that it’s impossible to predict how many will be required so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

If you feel you want a longer commitment, (perhaps you are going through significant change) ask me and we can discuss it further and arrange an individual price.

You can pay via PayPal using a credit card, or BACS.

Your absolute confidentiality is assured at all times.

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