ReVitalYou in 2020!

Newsflash! Half Price Offer for our First Course!

Would you like to start 2020 as a woman in control? Is your life out of balance? Too much stress? Have you tried every ‘diet’ (we hate that word) in the book yet end up feeling worse when they don’t really deliver the result you wanted? Read on because this is for you. It’s not an advert for WeightWatchers, I promise – this is about making the best of all of your life.

Live your best life in 2020.

What is ReVitalYou, one day lifestyle course for women?

ReVitalYou is a brand new course from Changing People but it has been brewing for some time. I trialled a version of it last May with 4 amazing women who gave great feedback but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be. My own health issues (I don’t want to bore you, but over last 2 years I’ve had large part of my intestine removed and been hospitalised with pneumonia directly related to stress, etc) had made me think about the process of ageing and, much more importantly, ageing in a healthy way and on my own terms. That doesn’t mean you have to be ‘old’ to benefit from this (whatever old is). You will probably be over 40 though with lots of life experience. Years ago I coined the word Femageism, the extra expectations that women have to put up with as we get older. I read widely round the subject and decided I couldn’t do this course without getting in some expert help on health and in particular food, by which I mean looking at the new and exciting research into how what we eat impacts on us. I’ve spent a lifetime helping people change unhelpful behaviours into positive ones, that will give them their best life; I needed someone who has done the same from a heath perspective. Then I suddenly realised that I had that someone!

Mary Love

Mary has been a good friend for years. We met when we both worked for the NHS and discovered a shared joy in being a teensy bit subversive… Mary was a senior nurse then in a management role but a serious life event caused her and her partner to seriously re-evaluate their lifestyle. They moved to Southern Ireland where Mary went back into hands-on nursing, working primarily with older people. A while ago Mary decided to branch out on her own. She has brought her scientific, evidence-based brain to bear on the latest research on food and what works, reading widely the research and taking courses. Mary is also a magnificent advert for what she preaches and now runs MaryLovesMindfulEating. I feel very lucky to have her on board.

Together we have revised and rewritten ReVitalYou and I’d love to invite you to join us on our very first course on *January 20th 2020, near Bath. As it happens it will also be the very first course in my new Changing Room. I might have to break out the Champagne! What a great start to the year.

What You Will Get on ReVitalYou.

You will leave your day with us with:

  • An understanding of how what you eat and when you eat it impacts on your overall health and well-being.
  • Knowledge (imparted in bite size chunks) of the latest research into nutrition, wellness and ageing.
  • An understanding of what holds you back from making positive & lasting changes in your life.
  • Proven strategies for actually achieving what you want.
  • A boost to your self esteem and the confidence to make the changes you want.
  • A plan for you to take forward into 2020 making it your best year yet.
  • Support from the group plus a link to a WhatsApp group where advice and encouragement will be shared.
  • The opportunity to book one to one ongoing support at a discount.
  • Plus you’ll get a home cooked healthy lunch and all refreshments throughout the day.

*We expect demand to be high and we want to keep this small so we can give you lots of attention. Therefore, we have also pencilled in the 21st January as an additional day at the same reduced cost.

How to Book

You can contact me right now by email and I will invoice you for a payment via BACS (for ease of administration all invoices will come via Changing People). Or we have set up an EventBrite account if that proves easier for you although it does incur a small fee. The cost for this course is only £150.00, half of what will be the normal price.

If you’re interested to read more about how this course came about, do check out this blog post: How Good Are You At Managing Stress?

NB. This course is not intended to substitute for medical advice. If you have any concerns at all please consult your GP. We are talking in general terms, and we cannot give advice on the specifics of your own health situation.

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