Fees for RenewYou Licensing

Hi and thank you for your interest in becoming a RenewYou specialist. You’ll be joining a great group of women.

We licensed our first RenewYou specialist trainers in March 2013. Since then we’ve added masses to the trainers package and, importantly, learned a lot about what our trainers need and how we can best help them, and you if you decide to join us.

As an independent trainer you are unique in what you need. To meet your particular needs we have carefully designed three different packages; together we’ll decide what best suits your business (no hard sell, I promise). Please note the following does not apply to corporate training packages.


Each year there is space to take two Gold entry trainers. I work intensely with gold level trainers so two is the maximum. Anyone can apply but this is especially designed for those who are new to running their own business. For example, you may have been a trainer employed within an organisation but have not put on your own courses before or been self employed. You may be facing redundancy or retirement and looking for a new career to take up. Some experience of training, coaching, or addressing groups is obviously necessary, but experience of running your own business is not. I will help you every step of the way for one full year including practical support and advice on:

  • training tips and techniques

  • booking venues

  • dealing with clients

  • your website

  • advertising your courses

  • understanding how to use social media for business (and how not)

  • creating a database

  • pricing your products

  • insurance

  • invoicing

  • helpful networking

  • and many more things that will come up during your first year as an independent trainer

This applies to everything you plan to offer, not just delivery of RenewYou. You have all the benefits of being a RenewYou license holder plus my experience and expertise. I’ll ‘hold your hand’ when you need it and watch you walk tall when you don’t. Your one full year of support, includes your licence for two years, your trainer manual, a RenewYou course starter pack of 10 journals worth £300, 10 RenewYou roomy canvas bags, and a 20% discount on all journal orders throughout the year.



This intermediate level is designed to give  experienced trainers a super turbo charged start with RenewYou! It’s getting some great feedback from trainers.

Silver trainers get access to all the benefits of the special website for trainers, PLUS 6 ninety minute coaching sessions with me, to be taken within your first year at mutually agreed times and intervals, (whatever you need). Together we’ll look at how you promote your courses to get the best results. For example, we’ll have sessions before and after your first RenewYou course, and discuss how you can make the most of your growing RenewYou database.

This is uniquely tailored to you and your business and is not delivered to a set formula. I make time to really understand you and how you work, and deliver what your business needs accordingly. It really gives you an added advantage during those first few months, helps you establish RenewYou as part of your business, and means you can make the most of your investment in RenewYou. You also get a 10% discount off journals during your first year.



This basic entry level gives you a two year licence to run RenewYou courses anywhere in the UK.

This includes a 2 year licence to run RenewYou, your training manual and your personal copy of the RenewYou journal.

All the benefits & information on marketing in my exclusive trainer site are open to you, and you will receive regular bulletins and updates.

This is particularly suitable for very experienced trainers who understand and have experience of group dynamics, have been running their own business for some time, have a database of existing clients, and have established avenues within which to promote RenewYou.


This is what you do next:

Please email me with the following information: your name & address, your website link, training experience, and how you think RenewYou could benefit your business. Then we’ll simply have a chat. If it’s going to be good for you then it’s good for me, too.

These prices are valid from July 2015.

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