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Organisational Change is a fact of life, we can’t escape it yet many of us find it worrying or disconcerting. Most people have a natural inclination to resist change and productivity goes down, along with morale and goodwill. It’s an emotional roller coaster and can really turn your working life upside down.

So how can you ensure that your staff feel committed to these changes, rather than disconnected, bitter and resistant? How can you keep the day job going as well as successfully implement your organisational change?

Written by me, Jane C Woods, the changeability programme is a course for employees and/or managers, undergoing change,  designed to help people unblock the stresses and negative feelings that arise before, during and after change. Each programme is specifically tailored to the needs of your business or organisation and there are different versions available depending on the level of seniority. We can fit in around your own training initiatives to complement and not compete.

A typical course covers the following around change:

  • handling resistance to change and cynicism
  • learning difference between being assertive and aggressive
  • working with strong emotions about the changes
  • handling difficult conversations, managers to staff and vice versa
  • understanding different personal reactions to change
  • effective communication through all levels of an organisation
  • individual support for managers
  • free handbook customised to suit your organisation

Many organisations book changeability workshops in conjunction with other changingpeople courses courses as part of a comprehensive staff training programme. Either way, all participants will leave armed with relevant theoretical knowledge, reading recommendations and practical change exercises that they can use in the workplace or at home. There’s no fluff, just practical hands on advice and support backed up by theory and and a lot of experience.

“Jane delivered a great session to my team that was both authoritative yet informal enough to give all the team an opportunity to think and discuss the current organisational change we are experiencing. Following the session we have a better understanding of the process we are in the middle of and have a task list and graph in the office to remind us of where we are and what we need to do. Sounds simple but is anything but and Jane helped us to crystallise things as a team
Peter Quinn.  Senior Disability Adviser & Deputy Head Equality and Diversity.  University of Oxford

Managers came back from Jane’s session much more confident about tackling the changes afoot and getting the best out of staff during the periods of uncertainty. It was a very worthwhile session. I recommend it to you.”
K Holmes, Head of Learning & Development, Wiltshire

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