Assertability. A one day course in Assertiveness Skills

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get your point across? Or misunderstood? Do you feel guilty when you say no? Do you say yes more often than you should…? Are you occasionally tongue tied in meetings? Or maybe in certain situations you find yourself getting angry and ‘losing it’ rather than saying what you really want to say. If you want to be able to communicate more effectively and increase the respect from your colleagues and friends, book now!

The changingpeople consultancy has a one day practical assertability course that could be just what you are looking for. It will help you build your confidence in dealing with awkward situations and in having those difficult conversations we sometimes put off for years. You will be able to reflect on why you find some things difficult and learn new skills to use. There are no uncomfortable role plays but you will have time to consider your own unique situations and gain support for addressing them. Like all changingpeople training the emphasis is on support and encouragement with lots of fun too.

This course can also be run in house and tailored to organisational requirements with additions such as giving or receiving criticism and emerging intact!

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