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Am I a women’s career coach?

I never really thought of myself as a career coach until one of my clients tweeted out “working with a great career coach”. Who does she mean? I thought, she’s working with me. And then the penny dropped. It was me she was talking about; she hadn’t gone and found herself a new coach.

If you’ve read much on my site you may think it odd that I don’t think of myself as career coach as I do help women with their careers.

And I do have a whole section dedicated to Career Tips for Women.

And I am a certified Myers Briggs Type Inventory assessor and use their profiling tool to help my clients with their career progression.

But I still don’t think of myself as your average career coach. I don’t do CV writing or interview practice or image shaping or any of the things other very excellent career coaches do.

What I do is work with talented professional women who want some career development and need professional support and help while doing so. A significant proportion of the women I work with are in male dominated fields like engineering or logistics, or science.  Or in high profile roles, where to ask for advice is often seen as a sign of weakness. Others come from the media world where many judgements are made on appearance and age, a confidence sapping place to be. It’s not easy being a woman in a man’s world and still retaining one’s femininity. It’s not easy asserting yourself in the boardroom and getting male colleagues to  pay attention. Or standing up to a large corporate organisation when you believe they are discriminating. It can be done, but it’s not easy.

Gender Equality

Almost every survey published about why women don’t reach the top, at some point will say women lack confidence. Yet I work with some very talented and confident women, some of the best and at the top of their game. Lack of confidence is almost inevitable if you are a high flying woman trying to fit in with a world that has been designed by men. You will always feel a slight dissonance. Inevitably so.

However, the systems are so structured that we women can end up thinking we are at fault somehow. For not being men! The day has long gone when women had to behave like men to get ahead and every woman has to negotiate that tricky path of asserting herself and not falling into the trap of aping male behaviours. We need that inner self belief that knows that what women bring is just as good but it’s different. Businesses and society needs both. One is not better than the other and I’m not about demeaning men. I’m about increasing women’s confidence in themselves and their abilities. Utilising some of the latest research available I have designed strategies for women which will help them beat the male only culture and progress to where they want to be. Many women come to me before important interviews for a quick confidence boost; I am pleased to be able to say that the last four women I worked with all got the jobs were applying for.

So, if you’re after some career coaching that’s not really career coaching, give me a call or email me. 01761 438749.

PS You can read some testimonials here on my personal coaching page.

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