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Hello. If you’ve landed on this page you’re probably a trainer, or about to embark on a new career as one. Running your own business sis fantastic and exhilarating. However, it can sometimes get a bit lonely, especially if you are always the one being ‘up’ and in charge. Sometimes you need someone to recharge your batteries , a safe place where you can talk about your business, and explore new ideas for revitalising and renewing your offering – which is where I can help you.

One of the most pleasurable, and if I’m totally honest, unexpected benefits of deciding to licence out RenewYou is that I now get to help trainers develop their own businesses and pass on some of the  knowledge I’ve gained over the past dozen or so years. That feels fantastic; RenewYou itself empowers and inspires women and so does becoming a RenewYou trainer.

Since launching RenewYou I have been asked numerous times by trainers if they could ‘just pick my brains‘. Until recently, unless they were part of the RenewYou team, the answer to that had to be a reluctant no.

I do offer a professional coaching service, (telephone or Skype/Facetime) the details of which are here. However, because I am a trainer, like you, and because I understand the issues you face, I do have a very special offer for trainers. It costs just £100 for one 90 minute session; that’s way below my normal rate but then that’s the other thing I understand; when you’re busy you have plenty of cash flow and no time to stop and spend time on your own development. When you’re slow, you have no cash flow but plenty of time to spend on your own development… Which is why when you sign up for the session you can pay in two £50 instalments if you wish. Please note this offer is only for trainers, of any gender.

Spaces become available throughout the year so please do get in touch if you’re interested and we’ll have a confidential, no obligation discussion. Email me: I look forward to speaking with you.

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