A Change Exercise

This exercise is useful in helping to acknowledge some of the strong feelings people have during times of change. It is also helpful in establishing the actual facts and helping to debunk some of the myths and magical thinking that take hold during any change process.

Draw two parallel lines on a sheet of flip, preferably with sheet landscape and plenty of space between the two lines



Agree a start date.
On top line put the actual facts of the situation, e.g. in August 2007 we first heard that the changes were likely to come. In September we had the first consultations, etc.

Mark off the significant events in time blocks, either monthly if that’s possible, or in seasons. Any larger time gaps than this and it doesn’t work as well.

This should provoke some interesting discussion.

The lower line is to record actual feelings experienced at the time and the two lines need to run in parallel. That is they should start and finish at the same point.

Some of the emotions may be anger, surprise, cynicism, sadness, total miscomprehension, disbelief and so on.

Don’t censor them, allow people to speak freely as what they feel is what they feel!

You can, if you wish, match this with the Kubler Ross change curve which is given in the e book.

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