Poor Prince William, a victim of our sexist media.


Prince Willliam in India Washington Post

Well, this last week has been a very disappointing one for gender equality. I’m sure you felt it too. I am outraged at the coverage of the Royal visit to India.

Poor Prince William. Not one iota of coverage about his clothes.

What were the world’s press thinking? Page upon pages of photos and analysis of what his wife wore at every single meeting & location and yet not one word about William’s natty, ‘Englishman abroad’ attire. I have no idea where he brought his shorts, (even if he wore shorts and that’s truly shocking), or which fashion house made his shoes or shirts.

This is not gender equality. Come on media, give us some analysis of the subtle messages he is giving out by his fashion choices. This sad, unequal and frankly, sexist state of affairs must not be allowed to continue.

In the interests of balance I have managed to find a photo of William, courtesy of The Washington Post. I think that may be a Marks and Spencer shirt, do you? Clearly saying ‘I am a man of the people’. Wonder where it was made…? Lovely belt, too. Well done, William.

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