Changing ‘The Money Shot’ in Favour of Women, Lucy-Anne Holmes

Lucy-Anne Holmes during the No More Page 3 Campaign

Do you remember the No More Page 3 campaign? It was led by Lucy-Anne Holmes and I interviewed her at the time (see that interview here You’ll notice in that picture that it’s not that easy to see Lucy-Anne’s face. I remarked upon it and she said she preferred to keep a low profile as it was all about the campaign.

Well, the campaign succeeded, hooray, and Lucy-Anne is on a new mission to challenge stereotypes about sex and women, and the stigma attached to women enjoying sex. Next month (February 2019) sees the publication of her new book:  Don’t Hold My Head Down. And yes, that does mean what you think it means.

I can honestly say that Lucy-Anne is most definitely not keeping a low profile in this book. It is an unflinching, searingly honest, sometimes sad, but mostly very funny account of her quest for a better sex life, one not led by the demands of the ‘money shot’ i.e. the ultimate goal being men’s pleasure.

Here’s a flavour from the book, I’ve chosen a bit about bosoms, which seems appropriate in the light of the page three success:

Yet, in bed with fellas, I’d always felt, ‘Oh the poor bloke, he must hate my breasts. He must wish he was with someone with much nicer boobs. And if a man didn’t spend much time with my breasts during sex, I’d never suggest that he did, I’d never tell him that I was really sensitive there, I assumed he didn’t want to go near my breasts because they were so disgusting.

It got me thinking. We’d done something a bit weird with boobs, I reckoned. Because while it seemed as though boobs were everywhere, they were there purely for the titillation of men. And I guess I had just assumed that this is what my boobs were there for too. It felt a bit like to me that we women didn’t actually own our own boobs anymore – the men did. And the weird thing was that I don’t think men even wanted to own our own boobs. The media and the porn industry had just given them our breasts. And us women hadn’t even noticed. But suddenly it was like we’d (well, I’d) woken up from a doze on the sofa and gone, ‘Jeeeezz, what the frickin’ hell is going on with our boobs?’

And what had gone on with our boobs? I don’t even know where to start. Naked teenage breasts were in our daily family newspapers. Padded bras were being made for girls and sold in Tesco. Breast augmentation surgery for purely cosmetic reasons was on the rise each year. Sorry, you’re probably in an advanced state of decomposition by now. But there’s so much to say about BOOBS!

I think you can tell from that short extract that Lucy-Anne writes in a straightforward, conversational style and she holds nothing back. It’s an easy read. It’s an uncomfortable read. It’s a transformational read. It’s a thought provoking read. It’s a laugh out loud often read. It’s an Oh My I recognise that girl kind of read.

It is a must read.

I am of the pre-internet age. As a young girl it wasn’t that easy to find out much about sex apart from furtive readings of The News Of the World (and don’t get me started on how they treated women), and scrambling to reach the top of the wardrobe to liberate my parents’ copy of ‘Married Love for Catholics’, (I can’t even begin to describe how unhelpful that was to a prepubescent girl but safe to say actually enjoying sex was not on the agenda.)

Lucy-Anne’s Book

A book like Lucy-Anne’s is long overdue; there are so few books on women and sex written totally from a women’s perspective. I will not be putting it on top of the wardrobe. I will be leaving it lying around for everyone to see. I want young women to read it, young men, too. I may even choose it for our women writer’s book club! Do yourself a favour and get a copy when it comes out next month.

Interviews with Inspirational Women

Lucy-Anne Holmes and I have been chatting recently and an interview with her will be appearing in the blog soon. I can’t wait!

Something else I’m rather fond of is food…(you can find masses of books on that topic) and I’m an avid listener of the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4Sheila Dillon has been involved with the Food Programme for over 20 years and has one of the most distinctive voices on radio. She is influential, has won many awards, and is a joy to listen to. We had a long conversation and once I’ve edited it down (we had so much to talk about) it will be the next Inspiring Women post and published next week.

Sheila Dillon

In the vein of being inspired by women, did you read in the papers last Sunday about Wendy Searle? Wendy is something of an adventurer and is planning to break the women’s world speed record for ski-ing solo to the South Pole, unassisted and unaided. She didn’t actually ski until last year when she skied 350 miles across the Greenland Ice sheet. I’m really looking forward to interviewing her, not least because she is very upfront on topics we usually don’t hear about, for example:

 “If you’re going for a pee in the Antarctic it is decidedly easier from a logistics point of view to be a guy. Periods are also a massive issue.”

Wendy Searle in Training

As someone who always have to have a proper toilet nearby and cannot abide the thought of camping however glamp it is (I may not tell her that) I am hugely impressed. I am in AWE! Look out for that interview very soon.

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