How Far Away is Gender Equality? 3 reasons why it’s light years

If I live long enough to see full gender equality, at the current rate of progress I will be a phenomenon and aged 164. A quick glance through the weekend papers will confirm this in no uncertain terms (this may be my excuse to have a bit of a rant – you have been warned).

Gender Equality Markers (or not)

1.The film Little Women is, in my opinion, excellent. Rotten Tomatoes (a film review site of some standing), gave it 95%.So not just my opinion. It stars lots of women, is directed by a woman, the book is adapted for film by a woman, the original book was written by a woman, mainly women go to see it and love it, yet award judging juries are mainly men. Men aren’t that keen on it so it has not been nominated for many awards. Give me strength! Go see it. It’s great.

If the link above doesn’t open for you, try this.

2. Almost every car I ever ride in garrottes me with the seat belt because car design has been based around the needs of men and the average bloke isn’t 5ft 3. Read Caroline Cried-Perez‘s excellent work on this ‘Invisible Women’. You will weep.

3. The most recent report from the Fawcett society The 2020 Sex and Power Index charts how women are missing in significant numbers from top jobs in politics, law, civil service, trade unions, charities, and sport. It also reveals a lack of women of colour across all sectors. (#facepalms) Read more here.

Feminism is Still Important

Growing up in the fifties and sixties I really thought talking about feminism would be regarded as quaintly old fashioned by 2020. Yet it’s as important as ever. We still have to keep challenging laziness and complacency. It’s exhausting and unfair. Women have an extra fight to engage with at every level.  I have a grand daughter who is not yet a year old. If things don’t change soon she will be a 100 year sold before she sees full gender equality. What!!!

Sexism in media Samira Ahmed

Photo by Media PA courtesy of BBC

I am an optimist. I do believe things will change eventually but we have to keep drawing attention to the anomalies, to the unconscious bias, to the blatant misogyny. I take heart in Samira Ahmed’s victory, a BBC reporter who discovered a male counterpart was earning 6 times a much as her for a similar role. More of that. And to all those fighting the good fight, I wish you energy. Keep on being wonderful!


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