Would You Like Boy or Girl Chocolate?

Boy or girl chocolate? Photo by Jane C Woods

On a recent trip to Croatia I saw this and couldn’t resist buying it, it made me laugh so much. Apparently it means sister and brother. Very Janet and John (for those not old enough to remember Janet and John, a link).

On a different note, I travelled to Croatia (beautiful country) with Thomas Cook which sadly folded a day after our arrival. Everyone at home was so concerned for us but we had the most marvellous rep who continued working unpaid, and arranged everything so it didn’t impact on us at all. He even got up at 6am to make sure our transfers to the airport went smoothly. We gave him a tip and expressed our huge gratitude (there may have been hugging) and he protested that it was too much! He was very emotional. He had already secured alternative employment but he was obviously really sad about the failure of Thomas Cook. What a great employee he was. Thank you, Alex, you were wonderful. And to all those TC employees, I hope you find employment soon.

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