Women, Courses, and Being a Survivor


Crocus courtesy of BBC Gardener’s World. Photographer: Sarah Cuttle

Spring is here and everything generally just seems a little brighter, doesn’t it? I hope you have some sunshine your life, wherever you are.

This week saw the very first RenewYou delivered from my home, near Bath. What a fabulous day; it made all the many hours of cleaning worth while. (The only downside of using one’s own kitchen table;>) It was an amazing day, magical. This is what one participant said afterwards:

“Definitely time well spent with like-minded women being inspired by discussion and reflection. Jane’s passion and knowledge for helping us to be our best was a golden thread throughout the day, as well as the super homemade refreshments.”

I’m a golden thread! If you’d like to come and experience RenewYou for yourself the next one is planned for *May 22nd, near Bath, £250 per person to include lunch, refreshments and your RenewYou journal. Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all.

*Apologies, we’ve had to move this date and June 12th is now pencilled in as an alternative

Brand New Course for Women

My kitchen just before the fun starts

While I’m talking dates I have a brand new course for women happening on Wednesday May 1st. It’s so new it doesn’t really have a name, (working title, ReVitalYou, what do you think?) I wanted to put together a day that would be calming, restorative, and reflective, yet energising too. Its aim is to give you space to think about your life now and if it is how you want to be. A space to be more conscious and aware of how you are living, to think about what you put in, both literally and metaphorically, and what you give out. Sometimes the different parts of our life get out of kilter and our day together will give you an opportunity to address any imbalances. We’ll be creative (although no artistic skills required), eat lovely food from recipes inspired by Jeannette Hyde, and have some fun, too. It will be, as all ChangingPeople courses are, supportive and relaxed, and tailored to suit you. Weather permitting we’ll be in the garden as much a possible, and possibly even the hot tub for an end of day soak! (Not compulsory). You’ll also receive a few treats, too.

I’m looking for 4 more women only to join me, for the half price offer of £160 per person for the inaugural day. Your feedback will be so helpful. We will be 6 in total, and I’d love to have chat with you beforehand so I can personalise it to suit. Please do get in touch. Email me here.

Survivor or Victim?

I was reminded of this wee story on our last RenewYou day. We were sharing stories of helping others and our reluctance often to ask for help for ourselves. I shared how I had learned quite late in life that asking for help was not a weakness but often a strength. A couple of years ago I had major surgery and very soon after a nurse was washing me (more enjoyable than I had imagined – the washing, not the op, obviously). I glanced at my patchwork of scars stomach ruefully and made some comment about what a mess I was in. She took my hand and said:

Don’t look on these as scars; they are your marks of survival.

How powerful that little comment was and the kindness that accompanied it. That is absolutely what they were, as is every line, wrinkle, blemish, or grey hair on our bodies. We are survivors. We don’t need to be defined by what we look like, the clothes we wear, the smoothness of our skin. Celebrate every bit of you, because we here now, whatever has gone before, and it’s Spring! Bask in whatever sunshine you can find and be wonder-full.

Changing People licences experienced trainers and organisations to deliver its International RenewYou programme for women. Read more about it here


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