What Links Clare Balding and Dame Moya Greene?

Clare Balding, courtesy of BBC

You’ve probably heard of Clare Balding, a well known TV presenter, but maybe Dame Moya is not so familiar. Dame Moya Greene is a non-executive director of Easy Jet and previously CEO of the Royal Mail. What has united them is the unequal pay case of Stacey Macken.

Stacey Macken sued the London office of BNP Paribas for £4m on the basis of unequal pay, claiming she was discriminated against due to her gender and paid significantly less than a male co-worker with the same job title. She also claimed she faced harassment.

Macken was recruited on an annual salary of £120,000. But just months later, a male colleague was hired under the same job title for £160,000. That same co-worker took home about £237,000 in bonuses over a five-year period, seven times more than the combined £33,000 offered to Macken.

She received no bonus in 2017, when her bosses noted:

“Stacey’s inability to accept constructive feedback … has led to a cascade of comments, accusations and recriminations which has led to the breakdown of her relationship with the management of the bank.”

Her male colleague received £70,000 in bonuses that year. It seems appropriate at this point to reference this Gender Equality – It’s Not Just About The Money highlighting how women are frequently given less positive feedback than their male counterparts in appraisals. We can surmise that if you’ve made a complaint that will only get worse.

Via Fortune.com

It seems that Stacey’s ‘crime’ was to ask too many questions. Her complaint about pay was upheld by the tribunal but the harassment claims were dismissed. As a result of this case and others, a group of high profile women including Clare Baldwin, Dame Moya Greene, Dame Alison Carnwath, and Baroness Dido Harding, have launched a campaign to end pay discrimination calling it the #MeTooPay initiative. You can get updates and find out more via their website which is #MeTooPay.co.uk

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