Step Into The Changing Room – It Could Change Your Life!

Site for The Changing Room garden office. Photo by Jane C Woods

OK, it doesn’t look much at the moment but over the coming months this space is going to be transformed. It’s my new project. I am transforming a part of my garden into The Changing Room.

In the past most of my open courses have been in public venues (apart from when they are in house ones), like hotels and meeting spaces. That is fine but I was beginning to find it quite impersonal, and also I was getting a bit fed up with staying in hotels and travelling a lot. As an experiment I trialled a RenewYou for women course at home in my kitchen and the women seemed to love it. I certainly did. My two favourite things – empowering women and cooking! I love to feed people, metaphorically and literally.

My kitchen uncharacteristically tidy. Even with the Changing Room we’ll use it for lunch

However, it is a bit of an imposition on my partner and does involve copious amounts of tidying up ( I am not a naturally tidy person…) so I have commissioned a bespoke room for the garden. If you get the newsletter (you can sign up on any page of the website) you will have seen that I had a sort of competition for what it would be called and we came up with The Changing Room, (well, my mate Val did) which is just perfect. I really hope that what happens in the space will transform your lives!

I have become something of an expert on garden rooms (see here – Thank you, madam, for the enquiry, is your husband available?) and have found a company who really understand what I want and, most importantly, can customise it exactly. Plus, they are very happy for me to record progress on line. Work starts at the end of October with, all being well, *a finish date before Christmas, and is being undertaken by the very lovely Wayne and Becs of Vici Hot Tubs in Frome.

I can barely contain my excitement and have lots of plans to create a warm, (literally and metaphorically; we will have underfloor heating), welcoming and most of all relaxing space for the women who attend my courses. I hope we can use it for my new course, currently under development (You can read more about that at the end of this post).

Another view of The Changing Room site. 

So do keep popping back to see the progress being made. I will keep you updated regularly with photos!

*I am pretty confident of that finish date as I am launching a brand new course in it on January 20th, see here for early details.

Changing People licences experienced trainers, coaches and organisations to deliver its International RenewYou programme for women. Read more about it here


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