Are You Nicely Balanced? My Top Tip

A Delicate Balance by Jane C Woods

Have you ever done those pie type exercises about all the elements of your life and whether they are perfectly balanced? How did it turn out? I’ve done them many times, I suspect I’ve even given them out on courses in the past. The trouble with that is it tends to make you think every pie slice should be the same, that there is a standard to achieve, yet sometimes, at different points in our lives, our career bit of the pie, for example, might be consuming 80% of the pie with no other leisure time at all, and that is OK for us at that point in time.

Perhaps the most important question is How do you actually feel about the current balance in your life?

What Does Balance Mean To You?

What does it mean to you to have your life in balance? It’s different for each of us at different points in our life and a frequent topic when coaching. For me, it means feeling in control of my life, even if I’m not actually in control of everything that is happening in my life. Which none of us is really, at least not for the majority of the time. Rubbish things happen. Some of them are in the political zeitgeist, (I’m not going there), some to do with family and friends, some with work, and sometimes we just know something isn’t right.

However, when I feel balanced I don’t feel like a victim of circumstances. I feel I am exerting some control and have my own power.

So this is my tip. Ignore all the should and oughts about how much you should rest, or work or play. If it works for you it works for you. For example, I really love my work and it often feels like play. When I had a ‘proper job’ and hated it every minute felt like an hour. I was still able to fill out all of the other bits of the pie re play and family yet I wasn’t in balance at all. Every now and again simply stop and take stock. Listen to what your body and mind are telling you. Consider if everything feels OK, in balance. If the answer you get is it doesn’t feel right then it might well be time to take a look at that pie. (I’ve popped one below for you.) And if you feel OK then it’s probably all OK. Trust your gut instinct. How does your life feel right now?

Wheel of balance (borrowed from internet but no attribution, sorry.

Brand New Course Coming!

I know I keep banging on about this course but it takes a long time for new things to catch on and I so want this to catch on. In a way, the course, ReVitalYou is a taking stock time, as are all my courses from different perspectives, but this one is angled slightly differently. ReVitalYou is aimed at older women. (What exactly is that? We’re thinking probably over 40 but we’re not being prescriptive about it.)  Both Mary Love and I (my co-conspirator on this, you can read about her here), have been on our own crooked path to wellness and balance. I can’t hand on heart say we have all the answers but between us we know quite a bit. I have spent a lifetime helping women make positive and lasting change in their lives, from my time working with women groups as a probation office to my career now where I coach and train in women’s personal development. Mary has a medical background and specialises now in the latest research on nutrition and weight loss. The weight loss is all about being healthy and living well as we age, not looking like some ad man’s dream of an older woman. We celebrate ageing!

If you’re interested in the first course it’s on January 20th, near Bath. Get in touch with any questions or to reserve your place. I look forward to hearing from you

Changing People licences experienced trainers, coaches and organisations to deliver its International RenewYou programme for women. Read more about it here



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