A Must Visit – The Vagina Museum!

Yes, you did read that correctly. There is a museum dedicated to the vagina. And why not? Apparently there is one for the penis in Iceland, so seems fair. It’s in Camden, London (where else?) The director of the museum is Florence Schechter who decided to establish a vagina museum in Britain after discovering that one existed for the penis but none for the vagina. She told the Guardian newspaper:

I just love the vag.

Fair enough. The museum has a serious intent, too, and is on a mission to educate and inform people of some essential facts about female anatomy, which, let’s face it, has been something of a taboo. Did anyone at school tell you about your clitoris? No, me neither. There will be various exhibitions, and the current one is called Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How to Fight Them. The show quotes a YouGov survey from last March, which found that more than half of the British public surveyed could not describe the function or visibly identify the vagina (52%), the labia (47%) or the urethra (58%). Another statistic to come out of the research was that one in five adult women think they have to remove a tampon to urinate. Clearly there is a need for more education. Men are very welcome, too.

If you’d like to visit here is the link to the vagina museum’s site. Let me know what it’s like.

You might also be interested to read this Flow, The Cultural Story of Menstruation which I wrote about way back in 2010.

Next Course Dates for Women

Talking of all things womanly, which of course, is all we ever do on this site, my next course written specifically for women is happening on January 20th 2020 in the newly erected garden studio! (Well, thus far it is only a concrete base, see above, but the building is arriving very soon.) We’re looking at stress, the impact of that on keeping well, and living your best life. It’s a day to simply focus on you and take the time to consider all the aspects of you, to live your best life in 2020. It’s called ReVitalYou and there is a special half price launch offer. It is not, I promise you, a day about dieting and being the body beautiful. (Your body is already beautiful.) However, I had a wee brush with mortality earlier this year which made me think very seriously about ageing well, how I want to do it, and the various pressures on women in particular. I have collaborated with a specialist in nutrition, a friend from my NHS days, who has a wealth of knowledge. Read more here and any questions, get in touch.

The prospect of having my own space is freeing me up in a myriad of ways. You may notice that I have an ebook to download available on the site. This used to be an actual paper book called When Work Isn’t Working and was a response to the number of women I coached who hated their jobs but had no idea what to do instead. I have a few copies left and thought I could put a very small day together, maybe only 4 women, using the MBTI if appropriate, to help women identify what they want from work and construct a plan to go for it.  It would also have some follow up coaching to keep the momentum going. If you’re interested please do get in touch. It will cost about £300 for the day, plus one follow up session, a book, and will also include the MBTI assessment which makes it pretty good value. Oh, and lunch! I haven’t arranged a date; I’ll see what the response is like and try to fit in with you

Changing People licences experienced trainers, coaches and organisations to deliver its International RenewYou programme for women. Read more about it here


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