3 Top Tips for List Making & Managing Overwhelm

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Are you a list maker? I love a good list. Sometimes I over love list making and get a tad carried away. I can end up with a list so long that simply looking at it makes me keel over with exhaustion. Then I throw away my lists and resolve to go with the flow more. But going with the flow sometimes means I just get knocked over by a big wave I hadn’t seen coming and get all wet and drippy (metaphorically speaking, obviously.)

Overt the years I have refined a system that works for me and I think it might for you, too. Here are my three top tips for effective lists, that is ones which actually help you to get things done.

  • Write your list down on old fashioned paper with a pencil or pen. If you have coloured pens or pencils that’s even better. I do have apps on my phone for lists which are fine for longer term things, for example, I jot things on it when I have a brainwave about a gift for someone, but I have not found it useful for getting things done on a daily basis. There is research to show that the actual act of physically writing as opposed to typing helps us remember better.
  • Keep it to a limited timeline. I like to do daily ones but you may prefer to have a week of tasks on yours. Too much is overwhelming.
  • Try to limit the number to 3 or 5 things. I have no idea why but I like odd numbers. Visualise your day before you start and think what you can realistically achieve. Remember things tend to take longer than we think. I am always over-estimating how many things I can do in a day. Write your tasks simply and clearly on your list and put the most important first. If you get your list done quickly make yourself a cuppa, and then write another one. These are my 5 for today:
  1. Write blog post
  2. Promote Date for RenewYou on LinkedIn
  3. Book the family get together
  4. Chase up the unpaid invoice
  5. Email Frank to arrange some dates

So, that’s a tick for number one (it is so satisfying ticking completed tasks off your list, isn’t it? I have been known to add things I’ve already done purely for the joy of just ticking them off,) and now I’m heading over to LinkedIn. You can join me there if you wish.

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