Women Scientists’ Voices are Being ‘Drowned Out’


Well, fortunately things have changed since Rosalind’s Franklin’s day.

Or have they?

A study at Cambridge University found women in science are not offered equal opportunities to present their research as their male counterparts. The voices of female scientists are being drowned out by their male counterparts.

The research was carried out by Dr Heather Ford, a research fellow in Cambridge’s Department of Earth Sciences, and Petra Dekens from San Francisco State University prompted by attending so many conferences with a preponderance of male speakers and only one, if that, token woman. The team examined data from the world’s largest geoscience conference the American Geophysical Union (AGU) autumn meeting from 2014-2016 and found female scientists were offered fewer opportunities than men to present their research often because the majority were either students or in the early stages of their career.

In most areas of life it’s no good being good if no one knows you’re good, but it is especially important in academia as speaking at conferences is linked with career opportunities and, crucially, funding for research. The report, published in Nature Communication, urges conference organisers to select more women and increase their diversity training. Hear, hear.

You might also be interested to read this from Mary Beard, a great advocate for women’s voices being heard.

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Courtesy of The Guardian newspaper, click picture to see more on their site.


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