Whose Love Child Are You?


I have been having a few dull headed writing moments, you know, when the body is willing but the brain is weak, when the words just don’t come. I am also, fortunately, having a few brighter moments but I’m usually just about to drop off to sleep when this happens, which is irritating. Sometimes I actually remember my brilliant and creative thoughts and sometimes I don’t. And sometimes, in the cold cruel light of day it turns out they weren’t that brilliant after all…

I am about to share with you one idea which has survived the hard yet insightful scrutiny of bright morning light – the Love Child Game! (Can you hear that trumpet fanfare?)

The Love Child Game

Some of you stalwarts who have been reading the blog for ages (thank you SO much), know that from time to time I get to interview some fascinating and inspirational women, like Mary Beard, Sarah Beeny, and Jenni Murray to name drop a few, and one of my regular questions is who is your role model, who most inspires you? Feeling a bit stuck I decided to ask myself this question and was surprised by what came into my head when I didn’t stop to think about it. I realised that my writing goddess, the writer I would so love to be, would be someone like the love child of Caitlin Moran and Jane Austen. Yes!

It’s a tall order but I like to aim high. Just imagine… Jane Austen, beautiful prose, writing from a woman’s perspective, witty and perceptive, notionally not frightening the horses but in reality being really quite subversive for her time, and having women as her main characters. Flawed but really interesting women.

Caitlin Moran, beautiful writing, writing from a woman’s perspective, definitely frightening the horses and challenging the status quo, being subversive, and having women as her main characters. Flawed, but interesting women. Obviously there is also a lot of sex and swearing with Caitlin which is a tad more subtle in Jane’s work, but honestly, the comparison is uncanny. How did I never realise before?

Caitlin Austen. What can go wrong?

Try it yourself. What would be the best version of you and which two notables from your field would you choose to ‘parent’ your fabulous self? Play the Love Child Game and see what it tells you.  Do connect with me on Twitter and let me know your choice.

Women Writers Book Club

No surprises that I was thinking about female writers today as this evening is the inaugural meeting of our Women Writers Book Club. Hooray! The Prosecco is chilling and later I might even run amok with a vacuum cleaner and dusters on my feet. We’re taking a look at a psychological thriller which was the first novel from Jane Lythell. (Note to self: am I  drawn to Janes and is that a bit narcissistic? Probably…) Her book is called The Lie of You and has already been made into a film out next year. Imagine that, your first novel making it to the big screen. You can read my interview with Jane Lythell here. If you’re also reading the book please join in on Twitter using hashtag #WWBC

Changing People licences experienced trainers to deliver its International RenewYou programme for women.

Read more about it here.


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