What Were You Wearing? Check Out Tracey Ullman

Sometimes things make you laugh and think. This video is a case in point. Grab a drink and ‘enjoy’ it.

Spring Seminars

As ever, we’ve been busy at Changing People thinking about new things we can do to promote the cause of gender equality and get the word out to as many people as possible. You already know I’m passionate about empowering women to overcome the hurdles they face at work and make the world a better place. We deliver  RenewYou in house, and open courses, and there is the global licensing scheme. The feedback is always really positive but one thing I’m frequently asked is could I do something shorter. Sometimes it’s just too difficult to get away from the office for a whole day, or if you have caring responibilities a day is too long. We all benefit from a quick burst of inspiration now and again, and a chance to meet like minded women and network.

I have listened and this is the result. In consultation with Arnos Vale cemetery, (don’t laugh, it’s a brilliant venue, honestly. Loads of parking, big green space, nice seminar room just by a cafe with the most gorgeous food, yet barely half a mile from Bristol Temple Meads station), we are offering two seminars for professional women this Spring. Both start at 10 and finish by 12 so hopefully that opens it up to many more of you. Plus, if you book both you get a free coaching session with me! Optional, obviously. We have kept the price as low as we can.

To make it even easier to book, we have put it all on Eventbrite for a change.

The first one is on March 6th and is called Understanding Menglish (or, more prosaically, communication differences between men and women). Details are here.

The second is on April 17th and is called Women, Be Yourself AND Communicate Effectively. Details are here.

I hope you can get along to one of them, be great to see you. Meanwhile, keep on being womanly wonderful! Gender equality will truly change the world for the better.

P.S. If the link doesn’t open for you, click here to go direct to BBC video.


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