Save Our Trolls (and not the hairy kind)

Troll picture courtesy of Strong Museum, NY

Have you ever been trolled? If you are a woman who gives voice to her thoughts on social media the chances are you have been.  Trolling of women in social media is often particularly vicious and sexual. But what can you do when your reputation has been trashed on line?

Well…you could try fighting back with humour and kindness!

Lasting Impressions

A particular issue for women who have been abused and vilified on line is that a Google search of their name will bring up that fact about them first. BBC Woman’s Hour tackled this subject head on with Emma Barnett. Their innovative solution was to work with the agency Mother to come up with a riposte. The result is the spoof charity single, Save Our Trolls, with the serious aim of having this recognised as a public health issue. Sit back and enjoy and see how many well known faces you can spot.

Save Our Trolls Video

Are You Near Bristol?

If you are check out my next RenewYou course. It’s happening on June 12th, at *Arnos Vale cemetery. Yes, that does sound weird, but it’s actually a great venue for a day out of the office. All Victorian Gothic (think Woman in White) with a gorgeous cafe and beautiful grounds to walk in. Its major plus (apart from parking, being close to the station, on site cafe, beautiful setting and airy seminar room) is the very lovely staff, just right for a RenewYou day. RenewYou is a day to recharge your batteries, to spend time thinking about what you want to do with your life, at least for the next 12 months. We already have some fabulous women signed up (I know because they attended my recent seminars at Arnos Vale) and we still have places available. Come and join us. No role play, no competing, no comparing. One single day but it genuinely could change your life, it has for countless women before you. More information is here. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange to chat to me, simply reply to this email, no obligation at all.

Women from News UK, London after RenewYou

Talking of Emails…

I know you’ve had hundreds of these privacy notice emails already but the UK law is changing. I will send a separate email, too, meanwhile here’s the short version… The only information I collect from you is your email and your name. I never sell it on to anyone (I have no idea how to do that anyway, even if I wanted to), or use it for anything other than sending you this newsletter. The newsletter subscriptions are managed by MailChimp who have their own strict rules, (see here), and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Carry on being womanly wonderful!

*Arnos Vale also offer a Wonderful Women Tour which I MUST do soon. More details are here.


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