No More Boys and Girls – Reprised

Image from No More Boys and Girls courtesy of BBC

In the light of the BBC repeating No More Boys and Girls this week, I thought I’d ‘regift’ you this updated interview with Graham Andre, the lovely teacher featured in the show. We’ve spoken often since the show aired and his insights will form part of the introduction/opening of my book on how men and women communicate. If you didn’t see the programme do try and catch it on Iplayer, or catch up TV. It was a real eye opener on how we are STILL stereotyping our young people. The link is at the end of the post.

Changing People On The Move

In other news, we’re on the move at Changing People. The plan is to move north to bonny Scotland where we hope to have relocated by the end of the year. In Edinburgh to be precise. I will be looking for new friends soon. It’s very exciting and on some days, to be honest, a bit daunting. House selling… argh. On the plus side we’ve had a major clear out of the office which was long overdue. Memo to self, do not save stuff ‘just in case’ anymore! Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or just want to say Hi. Edinburgh is the home of my husband and my father so I have lots of family there, but I have never lived there – yet.

RenewYou, September 25th, 2018

The offer on my one day course for women RenewYou (£50 off) in Bristol runs out on Saturday 28th July 2018. Be quick if you were thinking about coming. In fact, if you email me to say you want to come I’ll hold that price for you for another week. But then it must end.

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine wherever you are and making hay, or just relaxing. Carry on being womanly wonderful!

Here is the link to No More Boys and Girls:

No More Boys and Girl – Updated with Graham Andre


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