Newsflash – Mary Beard is in Lego!

I’ve been  a huge fan of Mary Beard since interviewing her back in 2013 (see that interview with Mary Beard here). I’ve criticised proper Lego in the past when it had a momentary aberration and went all pink and blue. So this is very good news, a famous female classicist who champions women immortalised in Lego by LegoClassicists! Excuse me while I rush out and buy one.

I asked Mary what she thought about being honoured in this way:

Well I think it was one of the most flattering things that I have ever had. And it looks like me!

My next question had to be, who would you like to see immortalised in Lego? Her reply was classic Mary.

I would probably opt for a Germaine Greer… especially as they are made in Australia! Though Hillary Clinton (handbagging Trump) would be fun too.

Thanks, Mary, and congratulations on the honour and well done!

I have two  seminars for women coming up in Bristol this Spring, in case you hadn’t heard.

The first one is on March 6th and is called Understanding Menglish (or communication differences between men and women). Details are here.

The second is on April 17th and is called Women, Be Yourself AND Communicate Effectively. Details are here.

If you book both at the same time you get a coaching session with me, too.


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