Meet Natalie Fee, Making a Real Difference. Be Inspired!

Have you ever been to a talk, seen a film, read a book, which has had a real and lasting impact on you? This winter I went to the Bristol TedX talks for the first time. I am so glad that I did. The theme was Dare to Disrupt and Natalie is a perfect example of someone who did just that. She has had a lasting impact on me.

Natalie is the founder of City to Sea (, a non-profit organisation running campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source. By engaging communities, working with retailers and lobbying manufacturers, her aim is to reverse the trend for disposable items in order to safeguard our seas for future generations. She has had a huge success persuading supermarkets to stop stocking some plastic products. Natalie shared the TedX stage with a toilet, which certainly got the attention of her audience. Hearing how she decided to give up the day job and ‘do something’ was rivetting.

No more from me, please watch the video. It’s life changing. Be inspired by how one woman decided to make a difference.

If the video doesn’t open for you, try this link instead.

P.S. I am personally running a couple of seminars in Bristol and I’d love to see you there. Both look at the differing communication styles of men and women (based on research, not anecdotes) and how, if we don’t understand them, women can be at a disadvantage in the world of work. Details are here.


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