Is This The Best Job Description Ever?

I’ve spoken about Avivah Wittenberg-Cox before, she is the CEO of 20 first , a business dedicated  to gender equality and helping businesses to achieve it. She’s also written several good books on the topic. So when I saw via Twitter that she had some job vacancies I couldn’t resist a peek. What I saw almost made me want to stop running my own business and apply! Take a look at this. Isn’t it one of the best job descriptions ever?

Job Description: 20-first General Manager
Are you frustrated that Fortune 100 companies are more likely to be run by a Tim than a woman? Do you see that this is not a women’s problem, but a problem for companies that are limiting their access to the global talent pool and distancing themselves from the demographic responsible for 80% of consumer decisions?

Do you think that gender balancing the workplace is:

  1. a strategic business imperative for companies;
  2. a lever for positive societal shifts at the country level;
  3. a big step forward for positive shifts at the couple level;
  4. all of the above?   

If 4) read on, because we may have just the job for you.

Who are we?
20-first is a leading global boutique gender consultancy. Launched in 2005 and now based in London, 20-first has worked with the ExCos of Fortune 500 companies across the world and created an alternative voice and approach for gender issues. Founded and run by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox with a small core staff we are now looking to grow our team and expand our profile still further. 

Our Mission: impact.  Change the way the gender issue is dealt with in business, from a women’s issue to a strategic priority requiring leadership will & skill.

Our Vision: We envision a world where all businesses skillfully draw on the talent of 100% of the talent pool and respond to the needs of 100% of the market. Where high-performing 21st century leaders are proud of their gender bilingual skills and the balanced teams they have built – and publicly proclaim the business value of balance.

Our Values: Do Good. Have Fun. Share Love. Stay Foolish. Read more here.

What are we looking for?
The General Manager will be the right-hand (wo)man to the CEO, and be their potential successor. Together, they will refine 20-first’s global strategy, develop transformational gender interventions for leading companies around the world and work to support their balance initiatives. Your work will leverage over a decade of proven methodologies, and scale them for impact and visibility, online and off. The goal is global breadth and impact.

London, UK, with some global travel.  

What would you be doing from Day 1?
Everything it takes to make 20-first succeed. Avivah will be by your side as much as needed, for as long as you need, but you’re expected to grow quickly. Main work streams are:

Client and Project Management

  • Client account manager and first point of contact.
  • Manage project management roll-out, run client audits and advisory services.
  • Grow into running leadership team workshops and debates.
  • Develop new client offerings, new online tools and learning products.
  • Manage client billing.

New Business Development

  • Grow the business with the assistance of your BizDev hire.
  • Manage inbound & outbound sales.
  • Manage client negotiations and contracting.

Team Management

  • Recruit, manage and develop team to support mission and goals.
  • 2 positions to be hired under your supervision immediately, likely a BizDev Associate and a Research Analyst ( positions and JDs will be adapted together upon your joining).

Thought Leadership

  • With Avivah’s support, write and speak across national & global platforms to become an authority on global gender issues.

What would you grow into doing?
We are looking for someone who can grow into being the future CEO and take over the business over the medium term. This is an extraordinary opportunity to take a well-known and appreciated brand and expertise to the next level, and then run it. You will hire your own team immediately and build it (and yourself) into a world-shaping thought leader on gender issues, at a time when these are front page news. We are starting as a small team, but the opportunities for growth are limitless and global. With the right person, this role will define the future decade of the gender topic.

Who do we think we want?
There are no explicit requirements, just preferences:

  • Experienced and comfortable with senior leaders, C-Suites & recalcitrant opinions.
  • Good at listening to clients, colleagues and the zeitgest, as well at being heard by boardrooms.
  • Comfortable with client financial negotiation and contract agreements.
  • Excellent communications skills, both oral & written, rational and emotional.
  • French or other major language fluency appreciated but not required.
  • Enjoys writing and speaking on big & small platforms. Big ideas. Short sentences.
  • Optimistic, big picture thinker that enjoys ideating & creativity. Motivated by client delight, intellectual rigor and new ideas.
  • Great at building, managing and engaging teams.
  • Comfortable working with very minimal supervision. Your CEO will be more of a mentor, than a manager. Learn more about how she works here.
  • Be skilled at managing up…or learn quick.
  • Great at detail, enjoys getting the small as well as the large things right.  
  • Kind to colleagues, clients and strangers.

Ok but what’s the good stuff?

Salary: £75,000/year

Bonus: Profit share as of Year 2

Vacation: Do what you need to do in the time you need to do it. Unlimited w/ CEO approval but with a minimum of 25 days plus public holidays.


  • Work from where you want with your team, weekly meetings in Central London
  • Likely a coworking space with occasional days working at home

Cuteness: Daisy, 20-first’s official puppy, will attend some team meetings

If you think you’ve got what it takes, send the following to with ‘General Manager Position’ in your subject line:

  1. Your CV.
  2. A 90-second video of yourself answering the question:
    • ‘Gender Balance: a strategic imperative for companies?’
  3. A 10-slide PowerPoint supporting your video content.

We will be moving forward with candidates on a rolling basis beginning September 1st. Write quickly! Next steps in the process:

  1. A 2nd round of material requirements focused more on the personal.
  2. Conversation(s) with the CEO.
  3. Conversation(s) with the Director. Done.

I really love the ‘kind to colleagues’ bit, so important. This is more than a job description, it’s about how we would all wish to be treated at work. You still have time to apply!


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