Inspirational Woman – Tamsin Parker

Tamsin Parker, courtesy of The Guardian Newspaper

Women Fighting Back

Tamsin Parker is an extraordinary woman by any standards. She is an animator and an artist; you may have read about her recently in the UK press, although unfortunately it wasn’t because of her work. She made the headlines in ways I am sure she would not have wanted, for being ejected from a film showing at the British Film Institute in London. What the BFI did not realise was that Tamsin has Asperger’s and was behaving in her usual manner and laughing loudly at her favourite film. She also defended herself when verbally attacked. The incident throws up some unpleasant reflections on how we as a society treat anyone different, i.e. not like us. Have we become less tolerant?

Apologies have been made to Tamsin, probably because of the outrage on social media and in the press, otherwise I suspect it would have gone unnoticed. As it is, the resulting outcry may have helped to educate a few more people about difference. Here’s an excerpt from the Guardian newspaper:

Parker’s mother, Lydia Parker, said some members of the audience applauded as she was removed: “[My daughter] said ‘I am autistic’ and a man said: ‘You’re retarded.’ Another man, who called her a bitch [for laughing], was thrown out, but only after she was.”

Her mother added: “She was completely humiliated and it ruined her birthday.”

The BFI released a statement saying it was sorry and had got it wrong in a “challenging and complex situation”.

You can read more in The Guardian here.

However, there is much more to Tamsin than that and on Twitter her sister, Sabrina, made a plea on twitter for people who wanted to show support to share this video, made by Tamsin. So here it is.

Nike does not get a ‘V Good’ Tick

This little snippet of news nearly passed me by, appearing as it did in the New York Times.

Nike HQ, USA Photo by Charles Chestnut, courtesy NYT

For a long time, it seems, a culture of ‘macho maleness’ has prevailed at Nike headquarters. Women were subjected to all sorts of humiliating behaviour, like night outs ending up at strip clubs, and a boss feeling compelled to mention a staff member’s breasts in an email to her. Not to mention the inevitable glass ceiling with many women feeling they were being passed over for promotion.

Complaints to HR resulted in little action,  so negligible, say the women, that no one noticed.

So the women at Nike decided to take matter into their own hands. They covertly surveyed female employees asking them if they had been subject to sexual harassment and discrimination. They had. This is what happened, (quoting from the New York Times)

On March 5, the packet of completed questionnaires landed on the desk of Mark Parker, Nike’s chief executive. Over the next several weeks, at least six top male executives left or said they were planning to leave the company, including Trevor Edwards, president of the Nike brand, who was widely viewed as a leading candidate to succeed Mr. Parker, and Jayme Martin, Mr. Edwards’s lieutenant, who oversaw much of Nike’s global business.

Others who have departed include the head of diversity and inclusion, {Oh the irony! JW} a vice president in footwear and a senior director for Nike’s basketball division.

I keep hoping an hoping that the tide is turning in favour of a much more gender equal society. There have been so may ‘waves’ in the past that I wa sin fear of getting swept overboard before I saw anything happen. But stories like this give me hope. Large companies are realising that they cannot sweep things under the carpet any more and women are beginning to  have the confidence to Speak Up, and to feel they will get a fair hearing, at last. Stick at it and stick together, change is coming!

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