If Men Are The Problem Are Women the Answer?

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Q: Why don’t we have more women in powerful positions in government, politics, corporations, businesses and the public sector? Why is it still an issue with pathetic excuses being made that there just aren’t enough women of the right calibre or we don’t want the top jobs?

A: Because we are not men. The power structures are skewed to favour men in all sorts of ways, not least in the way business is conducted. Hence survey after survey implicitly blames women for not being confident enough and that is why they don’t succeed. 

Of course it’s easy to have your confidence eroded if you are always compared to men and you are not a man. You will always be found wanting.

We have all fallen into the trap of thinking that the way men behave is the norm, the way it has to be. The male yardstick.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Women do it differently. Maybe we all should consider for a moment that perhaps the womanly way is better? 

That seems to be true in the world of finance with several commentators reflecting that women would not have made so many risky decisions because “women are risk averse”. 

What ‘risk averse’ means in that sentence is ‘compared to men women are risk averse’. Maybe it should be rephrased to say men take too many unnecessary risks? Maybe the way women do it is the right way?

Similarly women are oft chastised for being ‘too nice’ or ‘soft’ as in not always interrupting everyone to score points. Isn’t that a good quality for a leader to have? Heaven knows we have enough male leaders on the world stage currently posturing and behaving like stags. Listening is a great skill to have and not, as so often portrayed, a sign of weakness.  If no one is listening no one has time to think and evaluate what is being said.

The way we communicate is key. Men and women communicate differently and for too long we have been told that the way men do it is best.

My message to those top executives who can’t find ‘the right’ women is this:

Women are not like men. Stop looking for clones of yourself. Stop blaming women and look at yourselves. Women bring something else to the table and you need it. Trust me, I’m a woman. ;>)

Time for change.

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