Gender Equality – It’s not just about the money.


Gender equality is not just about the gender pay gap, about the money. That is a symptom. It’s also about how women are treated at work, about all our inherent biases. Take a long look at the chart above. Women get a real drubbing when it comes to appraisals compared to their male counterparts. We all need praise to improve. Constant criticism is not helpful to anyone’s development yet this piece of research from Fortune 100 seems to suggest that’s just what we women get.

And here’s another finding on how women entrepreneurs are similarly put down. (Clicking on the diagrams will take you to the original articles, by the way.)


Language is so important. Yet it is hard as a woman to be constantly calling this out, to be dealing with it on a day to day basis. It’s one of the reasons I wrote my Speak Up course. If you’re interested in attending, having some coaching on this, or would like to book one for your organisation, do get in touch.


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