Celebrating Suffragettes and Women in the Media

From Alice Clifford courtesy Artichoke

It’s been an interesting week on British media for women. Did you see the excellent programme on the Suffragettes from historian Lucy Worsley? It was very good, celebrating the lives of those women who secured the vote for women. I thought I was pretty well versed in the history of women’s rights but it taught me to have a new respect for them. They were so heroic.  They were not just middle class, educated women as so often is said, but had a very egalitarian tone with women from all classes and all political persuasions. I was fascinated to hear what they did post gaining the vote. The link is here to the BBC site where it’s still available (in UK, only, sorry) for the next month.

Suffragettes in the Media

Speaking of the Suffragettes, this weekend sees 4 women’s processions across the UK in celebration of what the Suffragettes achieved. Check out the video below. I’m off to Cardiff, my nearest port of call. More information, and the video if it doesn’t open for you, can be found here. They are aiming to recreate that impressive image above and to celebrate the hard won rights of women. I can’t wait to be part of it and create my own bit of history, however tenuous, with those extraordinary women. I shall be wearing my own original suffragette brooch and wondering if this is the first women’s procession it has been on. Women wore jewellery in the suffragette colours to indicate their support subversively and I am lucky enough to have a great friend who found one for me as a gift!

Dimbleby Lecture

And finally, at the risk of sounding BBC fixated (and that doesn’t mean I have forgiven them for unequal pay and lack of women in broadcasting) the excellent Jeanette Winterson gave the annual Dimbleby lecture this week. Since the lectures started in 1972 there have only been 6 women speaking. Six! This is how it was promoted –

100 years on from the first women in the UK securing the right to vote, and 60 years since women could be members of the House of Lords for the first time, Jeanette Winterson’s Dimbleby Lecture will examine the recent campaigns promoting the equality of women and explore what can be learnt from the Suffragette movement a century ago.

And in a tweet, Jeanette said:

I am delighted to be asked to give this year’s Dimbleby Lecture. I want to address how historically women have been outside of the clubs and boards, outside of the promotions and pay rises, outside of the mainstream, outside of our own bodies, struggling with weight, shape, fashion, attractiveness, threats, trolling, violence of every kind. And how in 2018 we are beginning to celebrate women on the inside.

And that’s just what she did in an entertaining and accessible fashion. I loved it. In fact, it encapsulated in 45 minutes most of what I have said on this blog over the years (don’t you hate it when that happens? :>) I cannot get hold of the text yet but you can still listen to it here.

Diary Dates

RenewYou is happening in Bristol this Tuesday, June 12th. I have two places available as two participants had to switch dates (the next one is on September 25th). If you reply to this email you still have time to secure those places. All information is here.

Licensing for RenewYou

RenewYou Participants, South Africa

RenewYou is licensed to excellent trainers worldwide and in house to businesses. The most recent one ran in South Africa yesterday (see picture above, don’t they look happy?) I am running a licensing day in Bristol this October. I don’t do them very often so it’s a great opportunity if you’re looking to expand your range. You can read much more on that here.

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Carry on Being Womanly Wonderful!



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